Dealing with hate

Posted: October 25, 2017 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hi Guys,

Today I thought I would talk about how to deal with hate both in reality and on line.

The real life aspect first.

I was bullied as a child, the reason behind that it unknown and probably never will be known. In my current life, the real life, I do get some hate with snide comments, the stink eye’s and the running away from me. It’s not the tattoo’s as they’re not always on show, they have no idea about my religious belief.

It’s due to three thing’s:-

1/ My weight, I am overweight and It’s obvious, very obvious.

2/ The way I walk, I have a permanently partially dislocated left hip due to my EDS so I need a frame to help me walk. It affects how I walk and how fast I walk.

3/ The way I dress. I’m a goth, I usually dress in black and have strange colors in my hair. Goth’s always cause people to give you the funny look.

I try my best to ignore it. I have too as if I didn’t I wouldn’t leave the house. If my Mum is with us she doesn’t let it fly. Neither does the hubby. People fling hate at me without knowing my life, my medical history and my life in general. The people that do ask I explain to them about my hip along with the condition I suffer and they understand. Others judge and it can hurt.

I am working on the weight issue but it is complicated by the EDS, very much so and a thyroid that doesn’t work right. I am hoping that the weight loss that I’m in the middle of continues. I am not going to stop being a goth, it’s part of who I am. Even if I lose weight I’m still going to have the issue with walking, that’s not going to stop. My hip is highly unstable and even with a brace it will not stay in place completely, ever, as it’s too unstable to do so.

Now on line

My usual video’s are not received with any vitriol or hate, I do one-two video’s a week were I call out people who are doing things that are either harming the things we do on the internet or that are actually doing something that is criminally/morally wrong and hurting people. I do get nasty feed back on those video’s. I have received death threats and other threats that are horrific. It is something that I know I’m going to get it as I know that people see it as a threat to their ‘idol’. It’s troll’s and troll’s of the worst kind, I report, delete and that’s it. I forget about it. The first one was a bit shocking but now, I just delete and carry on with my life. Most are idle threats by trolls.

Another thing that has happened, I was protecting someone I became friends with against an attack she was on the receiving end of, the main person who was doing this did a video that several people saw as bullying, it was flagged and her channel was shut down. She has set up another channel despite not meant to be doing. She is disliking almost all of my video’s as she hold me responsible for having her channel shut down which I think is petty as all hell. She’ll give up as I don’t rise to it, I never have and never will. I don’t think she’s aware of my blog. She has me block on all social media, which is fine by me.

Any who, That’s it from me, have an awesome day. ❤


While I am working on book edits for Poisoned By Blood book three I am looking forward to you guys seeing it. I had a little hurdle to jump over which was my first ever bout of writer’s block.

I know now why. I had sent the book to my publishers but I worried that I had parts that were too similar to Twisted Coven as their is a similar element and I needed to change things to ensure that the similarities remained minor and that the story itself is different. I am reworking the manuscript right now and I hope that I will be able to share the details soon.

So back to the topic. I now have a video plan for each day of the week and I have done it for the last three weeks. Here it is.

Monday: Murder Case Monday

I look at a murder case each week and use me degree and knowledge to look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Some cases may not be murder thought the prevailing theory is that they were. I have looked at Elisa Lam, Kendrick Johnson, Lisa McPherson and this week I am looking Dylan Redwine.

Tuesday: Trash Talking Tuesday

I talk about some Internet personality/celebrity that is skating of the legality or not, just committing criminal acts and call them out on it. I also look at people who scam their fan’s and so much more. I have looked at Freelee the Banana Girl, Fosey & Jake Paul and SimpyNessa15 & Tana Mongeau. This week I am looking at Vegan scary man Vegan Gaines.

Wednesday: Writers Wednesday/Where are they Wednesday

I do a writing podcast and cover various writing topics that include creating dystopian worlds and writing despite limitations of any kind. I am hoping to have some of my colleges to be on the podcast. I then have the occasional video about missing people and I use the various things I learnt at University a=to help understand the case.

Thursday: Truth Talking Thursday

I pick a topic that I feel passionate about and offer my 2 cents on it. I have tackled the following so far

Emily LeRae Smith & Social Media Stars aren’t Idol’s: Tuth Talk Thursday

The problem with Story-time channel

I also have a lot of other things that I want to go into at some point though that is something that I will share in time.

Friday: Funday Friday

I usually do something fun on a Friday to lighten up my mood and sometimes include my darling husband in the video’s. I hope to do more with him.

Weekend’s: Anything goes

Some times it’s light topic, sometimes something topical that is going on in the multiple worlds that I am involved in and other time it is a serious topic as was this last week. I talked about the recent rise in terror activities here in the UK and the topic of the rise in deaths being streamed live and highlighting Katelyn Nicole Smith as an important case. I will be looking into Katelyn Nicole Smith for a Murder Case Monday.

Anyway, that’s it for now. If you want to watch any video’s here the LINK to check it out.

Have a nice day


Manchester Bombing :(

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This week has brought another terrorist attack, two months on from the attack in London, both attacks happened on the 22nd of the month. There have been excellent reactions with people helping those in need. Taxi drivers turning off their fares and giving people rides that need them, houses near by opening the door to people who need to charge the phone, contact people, catch their breath.

There was workers at the Arena that kept a calm mind and prevented further injuries and helped keep people calm. There was even a homeless man who stepped in and helped. It as an horrific and terrible thing and those that were killed and injured will forever be in my heart and I am saddened by the event.

To make it worse people are trying to make drama and make things about them which is sickening and it pisses me off. There was this guy.:—-

david 1david 2

Who was given hell for it. How can you joke about something so serious that has only just happened, these were tweeted shortly after the incident and have since been deleted.

He is a free lance writer and as a writer I find it horrifying that he joked so soon when he knew that there was fatalities.

Then there is Onision, the surge of YouTube, who managed to make the whole thing about him and he made a video about it, saying why is their such an out cry about these deaths when thousands die from cancer. Here’s he’s tweet.

blaire white tweet.

Thank you Blare for making this known, along with the Warski’s for speaking up against him. I have done a video that, surprise surprise, it was demonetized but here’s the link. Onision is the worst, the worst of the worst. Click here for the video. also as a Brit I find these tweets and Onisions video as insulting and it worries me that they can be so horrid at such as delicate time for the UK.

I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt but now I’m done.

My heart and love goes to those affected by the events in Manchester. If you see anything out of the ordinary please speak up as you could save lives. We all, all religions, have to work together to end the grip that terror groups have on us.

Stay Safe



When I say I have been busy is an understatement. I have finished Poisoned By Blood Book and I think I’ve decided on a title. I had decided on one title but it was too similar to a book I already have out and the second choice is one that seems to be popular so I have decided on another, a third and with a little luck it won’t be too bad.

I am already part way through the edits an then off to the boss it goes. I also have some good things planned, with a little luck I’ll be able to lock in London soon, just waiting on a few things to fit in to place.

I currently have my Mum on a visit and I’m knee deep in crochet products that I’m making that are gifts.

Add to that I am working hard on my YouTube Channel, both of them.

Simone Young

Simi’s Crafty Corner

Yes I am a glutton for punishment and I know I’m taking on a lot but I record when I can’t sleep and write during the days, so I balance it out and don’t face myself with too much. I also go live on YouTube, YouNow and Twitch. Click for the channels and come and chat with me some time.

I do video’s about various different things and call out shadiness in all walks of like, YouTube and other areas of the Internet as well as other area’s of live, i.e government, healthcare and such. I did a video last week about a situation that Philip DeFranco, a good man with a good heart, brought to ever ones attention. I wanted nothing more than to reach into the screen and shake some sense into them. I had to talk about it, I couldn’t not. I was seeing red. Watch it here, Philips video’s are in the I card in the right hand corner as well as video’s from a few other creators.

I am not a drama channel as I couldn’t care less about some people, I tell the truth about things that affect people under age and those who don’t know better as well as telling my story when it comes to somethings I have seen and don’t agree with.

Sometimes I think people should pass a test for having a YouTube channel. I have around 5 video’s banked for while Mum’s over but I’ll still be editing the new book so I’ll be busy while she here.

Anyway that’s enough of me ranting. Click here for my books. 

Have an awesome evening


Blessed Be

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I am so happy with parts of my life, though my depression is there and strong I am still happy to have the life I do, to a point.

I have five books on sale, four in print, I am working on a sixth, I am also working hard on craft projects that I am planning to give out as gifts. I now have Two YouTube channel’s. One for Books and general life stuff and another for all my craft related stuff and my craft pod cast.

I hope you week isn’t too bad and that you are doing well.

Have fun



So I’ve been busy with writing and building my YouTube Channel. I have been saving for my trip to London, which I hope to have a date soon, keeping fingers crossed. I have a list of book’s I want to write, video’s I want to do, stream theme’s I want to do, I hope to do one for EDS Society UK at some point this year.

I was out drinking last night at a pub watching my friends band play. He’s the drummer and he’s awesome. I’m biased as he’s my besties hubby but I still believe he’s awesome.

I hope to get some video’s up but I’ll check with them first so watch this space. I am lucky that a lot of people i have around me are creative. My husband and I are working on his books still but I’m trying to finish the two series I have going on before I start on any others.

Once I have dates and video’s I’ll share them with you. Here’s my YouTube Channel, please check it out.

Stay creative and stay you.


Busy and Working hard

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I have been a very busy person and I have been working on video’s and the squeal to Spilt Blood and Dark Side of Humanity. I have been enjoying keeping busy, staying busy and I will stay that way until I’ve finished the book, that’s normal for me.

I love writing so much that I miss it but I don’t realize that I am working so hard. I enjoy being so busy. I have two video’s banked that are waiting to be released and I may share one later today.

I have also started a new hobby that also keeps me busy and active. I have recently shared a few viseos about my disability and what it’s like. Which it sucks. 

So I’ll rry and upsate more often. 

Have an awesome weekend


Hello there world,

Today was a good day, I was up late last night and recorded two video’s, one of which is up and live. Click her to watch the video.

I have a plan that is a rotation.

Week one:- Simone’s Writing Workshop Podcast.

Week two:- Simone’s Craft Podcast.

Week three:- Living with EDS and an invisible disability

Week four:- is a general discussion of what’s going on on the internet, which includes what’s going on, a scum of the internet and various different bits of internet drama, etc.

I hope that my body allows me to stick to this timetable. Cross my fingers.

I am working on Poisoned by Blood Book 3 and I can’t wait to share it with you, I really am looking forward to it and will do so as soon as I can, I am busy transfering the first draft from paper to digital format. I only hope that people enjoy it as much as they did the first two.

Have fun


Happy New Years,

So Christmas is over and that also means my break is over, which is something I needed. Releasing three books in one year was something I never thought I would be able to do. I really didn’t.

I’m working on book three of Poisoned By Blood and I’m excited as this one is even darker than the others and the tale gets even more complicated. I’m also working on  a squeal to Twisted Coven, so yeas, I’m a buys girl.

I am also playing some games to give me down time where my mind isn’t on books, my newest one’s are Subnautica, thanks to Markiplier, and then I found out Mass Effect 2 was free on Origin and I  am just waiting for it to finish downloading. I have multiple YouTube videos planned too, just waiting my voice to stabilize so I can do it.

I also have some awesome books planned for this year and I’m excited to share them with you.

Keep reading


Hi Guys

Today in release day for Hell Hath No Fury, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I am so happy with the book and I am so happy that my best friends daughter agreed to be on the cover of it and agreed to be my muse on this.

The basic outline is that Andrew finds the remains of a missing student that went to school with his older brother, what ensues is a roller coaster of of angst and drama as the police try and find the killer that leads Andrew to realize a few things about his life that are hiding a lot of secrets from him.

It’s dark, as most of my stuff is, with a few light moments and I am happy with this book. I am so happy. Sorry for gushing but I can’t help being excited about this.

Click here to get the book. 

Happy Tuesday