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Hi guys,

I’m writing this via my phone in bed i have had a baf night and the pain is worse today. The reson for the bad nighg was not writing related for a change butit was enough to take out of me. Absoultely shattered and in agony. I feel soo bad as there is so much I’ve done that I want to put up but im not going to have the chance until monday/tuesday. And theres things I need to do for writing class too.

Hopefully I’ll get in done. Stay tuned for more chapters of Teenage Visions.
I will upload something later.

Take care, oh n look in to Vampires Rock, it is cool.
Happy halloween


Ps apologies for any error’s doing this on my phone. Xxxx

Hi Guys,

A few of you have given me feedback and I hope that I have managed to address most of the issues you have raised to me. If not please let me know if there is anything else you want me to change.

I am writing all sorts at the minute. My brain never stops, idea’s come to me from everything. TV, Films, buildings, pictures, paintings, life in general. I mean everything . It is good but bad at the same time, it is more annoying at three in the morning when my brain is going mad and all I want to do is sleep. An apparent common curse with us writers. It makes life interesting though. Very interesting.

Happy Writing Guys and Have fun.

What projects are you working on.

Thank you and Stay tuned for TeenageVisions Chapter Three.


Hi there,

Some times I am in so much pain that all I want and need to do is sleep. Dispute the fact that I haven’t done much over the last few days I seem to be extremely sore so I’ve spent the evening in bed resting, sleeping hoping it will. Go away. Some times I try and write through it but I find that a I write nonsense and b it makes it worse. Not being able to write makes me mad as I love it so much.

Hopefully one day I will get better, though one of the things I have is only going to get worse over the years. Ehlers danlos syndrome really sucks.

Back to resting. Will try and add second chapter of Teenage Visions on tomorrow. All being well.

Good night and keep writing guys.


Late Night Musing

Posted: October 15, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hay Guys,

 It’s nearly midnight and I am sat here working on my first novel, checking and adding bits to it. It is a big project and it’s going along well. I am literally just adding the final bits before I send it off to the publishers.

I have researched the agents and all that but I know I will probably do a lot more of it before I send the final letter. I really hope I will do well, please, keep your fingers crossed for me guys.

I will be working on a lot of thing while the agents get back to me. I will be posting Teenage Visions on in around twelve hours, I hope you like that too. I have been working on an old project too, one which is, well, rather scary and horrific.

Keep writing Guys.


Hi there guys,

Hope you’ve like the work I have already written and posted.

I must apologies as I have been made aware that I have made some punctuation and spelling errors, I apologies about this. Unfortunately due to me being dyslexic I some time make mistakes with basic mistakes, I am trying to get better however it is, as you can imagine, hard work.

My dyslexia was not discovered until I was eighteen years old so though I have found ways to work past it but some times it shows through.

I hope you can understand this going forward.

I am just going through my drafts of “Teenage Visions” and making them just right for publication and ready for you all to read.

Hoping that you are looking forward to reading about a teenager coming to terms with a gift left to her. Not the best gift, it is an ability where she can see the real nature of people. It is not easy for her to come to terms with.

The tale of “Teenage Visions”  follows the teenager as she gets used to her new ability and realises the town she lives that she always thought was perfect has a dark, twisted under side.

Please let me know of anything to help dyslexic writers, it is not easy but it is something I really, really enjoy writing and it is some thing, at time, I wonder if I have any control over.

I will also treat you over the weekend to a selection of one of my active, work in progress, novels.

Keep Writing


This is me

Posted: October 11, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works


I’m laid in bed after one of my countless funny episodes and the idea of the above novel is running through my head. I have yet to decide what the main characters look like. Do the back story and write highly detailed notes on the idea. But regardless of all this I commonly have ideas about a scene or a part of a chapter and my brain will not rest until they are written down.

So far I have three such ideas to place I know where they fit. They just do not fit in, not just yet.

With that and my main novel “Twisted Coven” being at the point of near completion, along with my other works in progress “Dead College Girls Cry” and “Mirror Image” along with “Family Ties” and the sequel to “Twisted Coven” entitled “Unlikely Possession” my brain is definitely keeping me busy.

“Twisted Coven” is very nearly complete and I look forward to it being published.

I have a story in mind for putting up on here and will do so tomorrow along with a few little bits of advise I can muster up that I have uncovered while I have been doing the research into agents, publishers and such.

Stay tuned guys.


He’s responsible for the title of Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants, a drummer, and he wrote an emotional story being marketed as Women’s Fiction. These are a few reasons why I hope you’ll come to WU for Part I of my interview with Keith Cronin.

And if you are Canadian and celebrating Thanksgiving, may your day be peaceful and filled with gratitude.

During a taster of an Ekphraisis class today I was given a picture of a drive way and asked to write something about it, and here is what I wrote.

The car speeded up the dirt driveway, leaving behind it the building behind, the large, stone purpose built building. A nightmare within the walls, a nightmare best left forgotten. The car leaving marks on the driveway as it speeded along it. Wanting to get away. Wanting to escape, wanting to leave it all behind.

The car had inside it two very sad and tired people, a middle aged plump blond woman and a tall, thin balding gentleman. They looked straight ahead not wanting to look back.

I was the end for them. It was the last time.

The last time their large car would grace the gravel dirt driveway. Behind them was the past, and their biggest mistake. This time it was to far, it had gone to far. There was no going back.



Writing rules and its something that I love to do.

I find I have difficulty keeping up with blogs but will try my best time time.

I will put tasters of my work up so that you can get a feel for my work and I will also keep you up to date on what I do with the novels and such.

Hope you enjoy