An example of Ekphraisis

Posted: October 11, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, Information and advise, Writing class peices
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During a taster of an Ekphraisis class today I was given a picture of a drive way and asked to write something about it, and here is what I wrote.

The car speeded up the dirt driveway, leaving behind it the building behind, the large, stone purpose built building. A nightmare within the walls, a nightmare best left forgotten. The car leaving marks on the driveway as it speeded along it. Wanting to get away. Wanting to escape, wanting to leave it all behind.

The car had inside it two very sad and tired people, a middle aged plump blond woman and a tall, thin balding gentleman. They looked straight ahead not wanting to look back.

I was the end for them. It was the last time.

The last time their large car would grace the gravel dirt driveway. Behind them was the past, and their biggest mistake. This time it was to far, it had gone to far. There was no going back.


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