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Hi there guys,

Hope you’ve like the work I have already written and posted.

I must apologies as I have been made aware that I have made some punctuation and spelling errors, I apologies about this. Unfortunately due to me being dyslexic I some time make mistakes with basic mistakes, I am trying to get better however it is, as you can imagine, hard work.

My dyslexia was not discovered until I was eighteen years old so though I have found ways to work past it but some times it shows through.

I hope you can understand this going forward.

I am just going through my drafts of “Teenage Visions” and making them just right for publication and ready for you all to read.

Hoping that you are looking forward to reading about a teenager coming to terms with a gift left to her. Not the best gift, it is an ability where she can see the real nature of people. It is not easy for her to come to terms with.

The tale of “Teenage Visions”  follows the teenager as she gets used to her new ability and realises the town she lives that she always thought was perfect has a dark, twisted under side.

Please let me know of anything to help dyslexic writers, it is not easy but it is something I really, really enjoy writing and it is some thing, at time, I wonder if I have any control over.

I will also treat you over the weekend to a selection of one of my active, work in progress, novels.

Keep Writing