Happy Halloween

Posted: November 1, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works


Happy Halloween/Samhain/Night of the dead.

I feel like a zombie, very festive, I know.

I was at writing class today and we covered Haiku’s and I managed to do a festive and very affective horror/haunting Haiku poem.

It recieved excellent feedback, I scared one of my fellow student thoigh it was highly unintenstional. The feedback was that it was very affective, creates an atmosphere within it using som many few words. A message I have been getting regularly of late.

It has become evident that atmosphere is one of my stengths.

Here is the Halloween Haunted Haiku’s in question please enjoy.

The building, old, dead.

If the souls within are gone

Why are we so scared


The quiet dark room

A keeper for the soulless

A home for the dead


Falling down old home

If the walls could talk I hope

They would be good words


Hospital long dead

What is it you hold within

Your blackened limp walls


Haunted house, black, old

Your walls holdingg what happened

Before replay now


A building stood dead

I often wondered what had

Happened, never know now


Cold hands hold me down

Where they manifestations

Of my strong pain

Feedback more than welcome, I hope you enjoy the work uploaded.

Have fun take care and have fun at the Halloween parties happening every where.


  1. maggie says:

    brilliant hun!

  2. Mick Spazzle says:

    Deserves an Oscar…

  3. Joe says:

    Hey Simone this is amazing! I was on my own when I read this and it scarred me proper!

    I had to pit the lights on!

    Kepp on writing. I’m dyslexix also and its good to have someone like you writing. Proving we can do it.

    Tell me more about the blackened limp walls…sounds amazzing.

    Best wisses
    Zombie Joe

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