St George’s Hospital York

Posted: November 6, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works


I love this place, it’s next to the main York library but it brings so much to mind about what happened within its walls.
Will post more and take some more too with the better camera.

Take care and have fun


  1. Joe says:

    This place looks proper spooky! I was stiring at it for ages last night and swear I sore a shadowy figure move across the background. It could have been someone moving behind me but I can’t be sure…freaked me right out!

    No moore storys yet Simone? I showed yours to some friends, we sometimes hold a spooky night were we tell tales of ghosts and ghouls, and dress up like Lady ga ga….shes scary! They all loved it. We are going to write some and show them to you. You can give us your expert advice.

    My Gran loved your tale, she said she never slept that night. I gave her some spleepng pills and she was out like a light. I did leave a pumpkin next to here bed left over from haloween this may have scared her a bit much. Spent the afternoon in A&E with her. My Granda told me off.

    Let me know if you will check pur stories?

    Best wisses
    Zombie Joe

    • Simone Young says:

      Hi Joe,

      Would love to check your stuff. I am re-writing Teenage Visions but i do have two to put on which I will do tonight. There are a lot of things I want to put on here i just need to spread it out and not put to much on at once.

      I’m glad you enjoy my writing and looking forward to checking your stuff, stay tned there are more stories and such to come.

      Thank you again Joe for your support.

      Stay Tuned


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