Well todays been productive, Been to job club, applied for 6 jobs, went to town with the other half and got him a new phone, Iphone 4, he’s like a kid with a new toy.

I have home work to do and really should get it done for writing class tomorrow and on monday aswell as another post for your guys. I have a location for my new idea though still not sure on the title, Thanks Joe for the idea of using “Short Black Hair” but in the myth the Pontianak have long black hair so it may not work though it’s on the list of possibilities as in the myth if you cut her hair and put a nail in her feeding hole you can domesticate her so we’ll see as I have yet to plan out the full story.

I apologise for failing to deliver another story the other day. Had a busy night and I also completely forgot.

I was meant to be writing all night but my busy day caught up with me as they often do so I’ve been out for the count for the last few hours, I had intentions of putting something up but as if yet it’s not looking likely but will put something up tomorrow as I know that’s what some of you keep coming back for even though I some times scare you, in a good way I hope.

Teenage Visions is almost ready to be reposted and I think you will like what I’ve done to it and the main character.

Happy writing guys,

Good night, No bad dream’s, that’s my job ha ha.


  1. That sounds like a productive day! I hope everything works out for you and good luck writing! 🙂

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