I really need your help this time, I have three titles that are needed. Firstly there is the one already mentioned which is “Long Black Hair” then there is “Butcher of Shawmoor Heights”, I think it gives to much of the story away thus people will know whats happening before they read it. Then there is the one I work on occashionaly. It involved Ghosts and Vampires in the same novel tormenting people in a hospital and several towns nearby.

Finding the correct title for stories is problematic at best and it can take what seams like forever to figure out the correct one that fit the novel in question. It helps owhen you try and try to get it right and then one day it just pops into your head, I hate it when that happens especially when you have heen working on it for what seams like for ever.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.

Please Guys, I need you on this one.


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