Poll For new Title

Posted: November 13, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hi there reader,

Please help me with the new title for “Butcher Of Showmoor Heights”, the tale of a woman with a brain tumor being haunted by a killer who was killed in the apartment where she now lives. I thought that the title gave too much of the story away however the choices are a little more ambiguous.

Thanks for checking it out guys.

Happy writing


  1. Joe says:

    Hey Simone,

    My choice would be short black hair. I couldn’t find it on your list to tick however?

    I look forward to reading this, my uncle Trevor had a tumor. He has asked for a trumpet but he was bought a tumour instead. He was in a right mood for a week! Its a much deeper sounding than a trumpet but it’s not a good sound. Although it makes good zombie creeping music.

    I’ve started my horror poem. Here’s a little snippet and I want you to be honest with me. If its brilliant I’d rather you just say…

    Zombie poem:

    Over here and over there,
    Trying to eat me they say,
    I’m like an all you can buffet.

    Zombies, everywhere,
    Going nowhere,
    They want to stay,
    I wish they wouldn’t I have bills to pay,
    I’ll play dead,
    They may go away!

    It’s my first effort, my sister say’s it rubbish so I’ve tippexed her goldfish so it looks like it has white spot. She’s flushing it away tonight…can’t wait to see her face when I tell her LOL!!


    • Biffy says:

      I find giving bad things a human feel tends to make people feel at ease with their pain.

      I think we should call the tumour tommy. Tommy the tumour could be the name of the story?

      Please add this as a tick selection? I like ticks, it takes me back to my childhood. When I had a wash before school if i was clean enough my dad would tick my face with black marker?

      Anyway thank you for allowing me to join you club!


      • Simone Young says:

        You are welcome Biffy, the more the better.

        Will add it to the selection later to day, I have a few pools to put up over this week.

        I will fill you in on these within the next few days, Stay tuned Biffy.


    • Simone Young says:

      This is cool Joe, really enjoyed it. I would suggest one thing when you say Zombies, i would double it as it would flow better such as
      Zombies Zombies everywhere
      Over here, Over there

      Hope that makes sense Joe, and thank you for beeing an avid reader.

      Another story later might be an idea I think.

  2. Brian says:

    Zombie Joe’s Poem is amzing.

    Once when i was 15 I tried one of those all you can eat Buffets? I didnt see any zombies though? I did once see a man out side a pub who looked like a Zombie. Apparently he had borred five pounds off his friend for some cigarettes but bought a really bad copy of Meet the Fockers off a chinese man selling DVD’s I think he bought a rose for his friend to make up for not buying the cigarettes? I think his friend wasnt very happy because he beat this guy up! Thats why he looked like a Zombie, he had blood coming out of his eye and he was walking funny but I think that was because of the drink and not because he was beaten up?

    Anyway, I really like Zombie Joe’s Poem? Maybe we could have a Horror Poem section?

    Here’s one:

    The Dog

    The night was dark, like nights are

    I like driving in my car…..at night

    In the fog i saw a dog but i looked back,

    Nothing! The dog was gone

    I stopped at the pub in the dark countryside, there were crosses on the walls

    There were 3 men and they were tall

    beware the dog they sang beware the dog

    The dog was drowned a long time ago in the river in a sack!

    Now i wished i didnt look back

    Sisters are cruel Joe. I showed my sister my poem and she laughed?

    I cut the breaks on her car! and wait till she takes the dog out for a walk? I have shaved its back legs!

    Anyway thanks for letting me show my stuff. I have lots of stories.

    • Simone Young says:

      Nice, I enjoyed this.

      More stuff coming for you guys, thank you for keep visiting here, i hope you enjoy everything i put up and feel free to send me anything either by this or an e-mail address I will set up for use for this.

      Stay tuned peeps.


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