Curled up, Pain

Posted: November 15, 2011 by Simone Young in Disability and depression, Dyslexia, Late Night Work
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Hi readers,

So here I am, yet again curled up in bed, on the way home my ankle, momenterally, came out of place causing me knee to move in an abnormal manner and coming out slightly. This has resulted in a very swollen knee and ankle and trouble walking, well, more than normal.

So the afternoon was spent typing up prose put together by my creative writing group, which is/was taught by the best teacher’s ever, yesterday was my last class, I’m going to miss them terribly. The prose are to be put into a small book for them. It proves to us we are good enough to be in print.

I was thinking of a short prose to uploads but as of yet not been able to think of one, I have a small idea but it needs a bit more work. And, of course, typing up.

I will put that up for you tomorrow, I will also set up that email, it is worth while doing as I can use it to talk to you guys, and such.

“Twisted Coven” is so very near publication standard. I just hope you guys like it when it’s out.

So more stories tomorrow along with an msn email address to allow us to converse.

Also being dyslexic sucks, my English is so freakin bad. Cross fingers I can go back to college to rectify it. I apologise if any of my spelling is bad tonight, bloging via iPhone does not have the same spell check as a computer.

Stay tuned and happy writing, please stay happy.

Off to bed as I’m seeing triple and I think I’m ready for tablets.

Goodnight and scary dreams


  1. Joe says:

    Hey Simone,

    Thansk for the writing tips, adding an extra ‘zombie’ in thier is sheer genius. I would never have thought of that but I’m no you.

    Sorry to here about your ankle. I twisted my ankle a few months ago…never do a zumba class in cuban heels trust me!!! But there was girls there so I was trying to impress. I should have stopped trying after doing the splits but even after splitting my leotard and sprainng my groinal area I had to keep trying didn’t I?!

    The tablets I had to take after that made me think I could fly! I jumped off the garage roof with a batman cape made from a bin liner and sprainned my other ankle. Me mum grounded me for a month.

    I have another poem, let me know what you think…

    The blood was dripping on the floor,
    I couldn’t take it anymore,
    My twin was dying and I didn’t care.
    I wiped the blood with my dead sister’s hair.

    It really was her fault you see,
    I told her not to bully me,
    I told her she’d better stop her crap
    Or be careful I would snap.

    I didn’t mean for her to die,
    I just wanted to make her cry
    She wouldn’t stop laughing the silly cow
    Guess its me whose laughing now.

    My little siister made no comment about this she probably feered for her guinny pig!

    Speak soon.

    • Simone Young says:

      Ouchee Joe.

      I’m hypermobile so if I knock one joint out or trip it goes To all the others. So at the min my kneecap is 15 cm from where of it should be.

      Check out the new tale.


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