Alone, School Hell

Posted: November 17, 2011 by Simone Young in Horror Stories and Novels, Short Stories, Writing class peices
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Hi there readers,

Heres another short prose from my sick and twisted mind, it’s been asking to be written for a few days now so here goes.

Alone, School Hell (nope it’s not about being bulled)

It wasn’t he first time I’d broken in to the school, it wasn’t the first time I’d done it alone either.

I just wanted to escape. I hated being in the house with all the fights, swearing and crap it brought. When I did this they never realised I was gone, little did I know that night was different, that nite was a wake up call for all of us.

After sneaking in I found the sleeping bag I had hidden for those nights it was two much, I curled up, into a corner and put on my iPod at full volume and began to day dream, the day dream didn’t last long. Despite just being charged the damn thing ran out of battery three songs in to the nkotb album, I was mad, angry even, I hadn’t brought the charger so it meant a quiet night for me. As I lay, the day dream started up again, I was Bella, from the twilight series. A common day dream, I know, but it was my only escape.

This time the day dream was disturbed by the creepy noises the gym makes. It was an old building and made noises but the sounds it was giving out tonight were creeping me out.

I checked my badly out of date phone, again even though it had just been charged it to was dead. The noises were making my hairs stand on end. It sounded as though someone was walking around me, tutting but I was completely along. This went on for over an hour, as though whomever it was was pacing around me, quietly. Soon after the noise, though still there, became ignorable and I settled down to sleep, the pacing suddenly stopped as I lay down on my sleeping bag a few steps coming straight at me, there as a gust of air, filled the distinct scent of scotch, brushed my face then an unfamiliar male voice whispered my name.

The tone was menacing and the proximity made it even worse, I suddenly became scared and my eyes flew open, the idea of slumber long forgotten, and I was co grunted by the face of a man, not to old, good-looking in the bad way, I screamed, my body shaking with panic, his eyes were red.

A bright, vivid red.

I tried to move away from him but I was unable to. He grabbed my arms and pulled me to the centre of the gym. He was scary, fear threatened to make me hurl. I tried to fight back as he attacked me, the reason for this was unclear I just kept fighting, soon I was covered in blood. Not his nor mine. I didn’t really have much time to think it through. As he attacked me I often wished he would do it, end my short life of nothing. I was just about go give up as the pain became to much and the blows to the head were starting to pull me in to unconsciousness. As my eyes took in their moment I saw police lights. I tried to fight but my body was battered and I slipped into darkness.

A week later I came to in hospital, my mum told me that guy who attacked had killed three women and I was down to be his fourth, they were worried and they knew where I was, I just hoped this was the start of something different.

I went to a different school, if the arguments continued as I was taken from my parents a paced in a go to s foster home.

I still could heard the foot steps at night. My attacker was killed that night, and now I think he haunts me, waiting to finish what he started.

Hope you liked this.

Will check in with you later.

Happy writing

Simone xx

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