A. Gelli, “I like that sort of girl, nothing put on about them,” Dated from the 1920’s

As I sit here, I watch the two women converse and chat about the latest fashions, it is an event and as I quickly draw as they walk past me in their beautiful sexy shape revelling dress, they extenuate every single curve, their outfits expertly put together. They don’t know what I am doing, they are blind to it, blind to me, too involved in their conversation.

I am blinded by thier shape, their beauty it propels me to get everything just right even the patterns on their exquisite dresses.

Their hair provocatively short, as is the current fashion, lacquered and jelled in place, so it will not move, not in the slightest, they are young but adults, no commitments, no major responsibilities.

Two men are watching them as thing walk together, deep in conversations. . Their hair tells me that they are not sisters but they are clearly close. The men watch them, they look, to me, to be father and son. Shockingly the father turns to the son and says, “I like that sort of girl, nothing but on about them,” discussing the sons lack of a woman. A perfect title to my sketch, it is then  that I notice right behind the men is a middle age gentleman with a woman, in her early 20’s, clearly he is her sugar daddy, and equally as evident in his ability to say no. Who can blame him, though slimmer than the other ladies she is beautiful in her tight little black dress, she clearly has the man wraped around her fingers, something all women are capable.

I sketch as fast as my hands will let me, ensuring I get everything right and ensuring that the women are depicted in their curvy, sumptuous, sexual nature, their naïve Bertie Wooster type figures, only highlighted by diaphanous dresses.

There you go guys,

Was naughty yesterday and didn’t get chance to get some work done. Bad of me I know will do some later on “Talking Walls”, theres plenty to do i’m just strugling to get chance to get work done.It is hard to work around a lot of bookings.

Stay Tuned


  1. Joe says:

    Hi Simone,

    I did not like that story…it wasn’t scary at all?! I even switched the lights off and played the song ‘monster mash’ but nothing?!

    I’m just back from Transelvania where I was visiting count Draculas castle. Now that was spooky! The count was nothing like I expected…he looked nothing like he does on Seseame Street. More wrinkly than furry, and he never counted anything! I’m not sure the makers of that show know what danger they are putting the kids in. If he bites them they will turn into bats and I can imagine thier parents would be furious…I would be…bats are very difficult to look after much worse than kids, and as for that omar the grouch that lives in the trash bin if he drags a kid in there it must be filthy inside they could catch anything!

    Put more scary storys on the site. I like being scared it gives me a buzz like red bull.

    Speak soon
    Zombie Joe

    • Simone Young says:

      Sorry Joe, thought I would put something sassy on. I have put on which is a little on the scary side and I have others to add on. Hope you luke it. Let me know if there is something you are after. I can, believe it or not, write to order.

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