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Hi readers,

Hope you have decided on your new years resolution before it’s time to put them into place. I have. I have decided that 2012 is the year I get my publishing contract along with getting married and moving into my own space with my partner. I also start my English course next Friday and I hope to do well in it too.

Right…. Time to address the process of building a character, as the better you know them the better you can write about them and their lives, their reactions and language.

This knowledge is deeper than name, date of birth etc… It is about their first love, their secrets, their fears, their past, every single little thing as the better you know them, the better you can write them.

Warning: only do this to major characters. Minor characters are nothing more than props and if they are not essential for the story then don’t give them a name, they don’t need it.

If you name a character you run the risk of getting attached. By all means the main characters are the ones which you should get attached to them and their lives regardless of genre.

If you write an in depth character profile then, please, ensure that it has no contradictions. I some times read a book and read the interactions of a character and then discover that they have issues with them and was left confused. A continuity issue, yes, but it may also be that the issue is something needed for the story and is decided upon later in the making of the book. I plan out all the major, must happen, events in the story and allow everything else to flow.

If you know your character well it makes them easier to writer and as a result easier to read.

Major characters: know them well.
Minor characters: the less we know the better.

Once I reword the character she I will put it on. Or I may put it on as is and quote where it came from if that makes sense.

Happy writing guys. Have fun on new years and check in soon. More treats are coming in the early part of new years.


Character Building

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Hi there readers.

Hope you have had a brilliant Christmas and got plenty of writing done. I have not, very bad of me. I enjoy writing but at the minuite I am taking a small break, only until next Tuesday, I have done a few bits but nothing special. I have something I want to share with you, but I need to change it first. If I put it on as it is I could get in to trouble as it is out of a book. So I need to make a few changes to it before I put it up here. It is relating to building your character’s background and how they react and interact with others. the better you know your character the better you can write them. Will make  a few changes and put it up for you.

Also, I have been thinking about Teenage visions as I have not really had the time to work on it just yet but I will work on it next week and put it up. Is there anything specifically you want I will put it up for you.

Stay tuned.


Happy Holidays guys.

Hope you have all had fun.

I spent most of yesterday either eating, asleep, or on eq. Bad, I know. But, I’ll get there.

Looking forward to starting back at collage to get the grammar and spelling sorted.

This is done on my phone so I will apologise for any mistakes I would usually catch.

I hope you enjoy.

Take care and have fun over the festive period.


Hi guys,


Hope you’re all ready for Christmas and having fun. Here’s another example of ekphrasis, this one is a little scary, hope you enjoy guys.


Coffin Temptation –

Tale of the death of a Gothic Girl



"Raised Final Resting Place"

Have you often wondered what would happen if you thought you could get away with anything

It stands alone in the church yard. The grave is small but sparsely populated most of the coffins and underground and marked by the tombstone, some are even under the floor of the church.

I always smirked, my mind thinking of the contents of the coffin. It had been empty for some time. The remains originally incarcerated in the stone coffin were reburied in the graveyard on the outskirts of four little town I was one of the few who were aware od the move and it provided me with the perfectly opportunity, one I couldn’t take advantage of for so long until that night.

I spent that faithful night at the bar of the local Goth bar. I was unable to dance, it wasn’t a pleasant sight so I avoided doing it but watched as the scantily, black clothed gothic women danced the night away obvious of my surveillance of them.

One young pretty thing watched me. I knew she was keen to speak to me, she has seen me watching her and the others dancing, she was, by far, the prettiest , it didn’t take long, not long at all, for her to be completely charmed by me. I could charm almost anyone. A gift and a curse.

As we left the sweaty club and as I caressed her soft, young skin she responded well. We snuck into the small grave yard, laying her on the stone and had my erotic fun with her and caressed her pale while skin clad in her black clothes.

Just as I spent my load I followed my dream, my instincts and wrapped my tanned hand around her pale white neck and squeezed, moments later her eyes closed, her breathing slowed to a stop and her heart, her breathing to a stop. My exactly intensified as her life ended. I knew what to do with her fresh corpse, removing the stones from the top of the raised burial, and lay her into the empty coffin. Replacing the I smiled; I smiled knowing no one would ever know she was there.

I would be my secret, and that it remains so  it is my secret, no one knows she is there, only me, every one think that it’s the remains are old or not there at all.


Let me know what you guys think, I did tell you I do some scary work.


Stay tuned.




Hi there peeps.

Sorry I have not been on, been busy with christmas shoping and so. I have been working on a surprise post for the week between christmas and newyear. Also I’m working on a guest blog for a friends blog. they are simular. Just hope you like.

I have some scary Ekphrasis stuff to put up, may do that tomorrow as I have nothing planed for tomorrow.

Stay tuned peeps theres lots of good things coming.



Hi readers

Hope you’re all well and ready for the festive season.

I apologise for the lack of posts this week I am currently suffering from a bad episode of insomnia having had just a few hours each night for the last 5 nights due to pain. I hope it will calm down soon.

I try not to do too much writing when I’m this sleepy as it ends up making no sense at all, I’m surprised I’m making sense now.

I have a few more examples of Ekphrasis to put up, and yes, especially for Joe some of them are scary, some are just yuck and one is romantic with a paranormal twist. A few are historic a few are not and one is still a work in progress.

Will post them either tomorrow afternoon or at the weekend. I also have a little tale I want to tell, that one will bee posted soon.

Please let me know if there is anything you want on here and I will try and make it happen. I can, at times, write to order.

Take care and check in soon.


I have been hard at it today, helping my friend Sandra with her wordpress blog and writing up my ekphrasis home work ready for class on friday.
I’ve done four pieces with at least another two to do. Plus my writng class booklet is almost completed. Lookinf forward to christmas then I can relax.
Will put some of the Ekphrasis pieces up, yes they are scary, sick and twisted, just like you like them.

Stay tuned

Well today has been a busy day.

Up early to get ready for Ekphrasis then off to English class at college, will get my ID after Christmas which will help with a few things. My tutor will help me going forward with my punctuation and spelling and such. Going forward I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of it.

I was up last night working on several projects, a few are ekphrasis, some of which are a little on the scary side and one which is romantic, and then low and behold I started yet another novel idea. It is only in its early stages at the moment and I am thinking it may not be ideal to put on here.

Hope to put another tale, including some spine chilling tales within the idea of ekphrasis.

I also have a few pictures to put up and I would like you to tell me what you think and what the picture makes you think of and if it gives you ideas for short or long prose

Stay Tuned


Here’s a little tale for you guys.

The woman stood in the middle of the field, rain pelting down hard on her short cropped hair. Hair now dripping wet, slicked, stuck to her beautiful pixie like face.

Her white lace dress stained, in places with blood, drops, splotches, and two large handprints.

She was looking straight ahead. Ignorant of the cold wetness that painfully pelted her. A large kitchen knife in her left hand, The water that touched it turned pink, mixing with the blood that covered it, despite the wetness around her.

The ground before her empty, no bodies, small traces of blood travelling in water from the knife, from the dress, from her hands, from her dark, matted, wet hair.

She stared, her eyes betraying nothing, no emotion, no feeling, no information, she betrayed nothing.

She was no more than a teenager. She was not more than eighteen and she was completely alone. On one near to help, no one close to see her plight.

The building close by was quiet and the muddy footprints from the building to where the young beautiful woman was stood completely motionless and void of any conscience, thought or feeling.

On the door jam of the buildings main entrance there was a bloody hand print and there was also a bloody footprint on the step. The smell of freshly shed blood mixing with the fresh smell of summer rain.

Suddenly the field was filled with an ear-piercing scream. A scream coming from deep within her tortured, painful soul.

Would she ever remember what happened?

That, my friends, is another story.   I know, I’m evil.

Hope you enjoyed.

Happy writing


Hi people,

Here’s a little look into my writing mind. Heres how I do things, may not work for you but it might help you some where alone the line.

Each author is different, they each have their own system and they each have their own formula for writing, individual reuses and idea’s came of various different services. We all have our own little way and this snippet of the way I  do things.

First I get the first snippet of an idea. It is void of detail and a general skimming and lack of details.

Secondly identify characters and a little of their background. Then I build the characters interaction.

Thirdly, detailed notes with save room to breath, particularly if their are any crimes involved. Detail these in a separate file and print out to help with continuity during writing.

Fourth! Define locations and again print out details to do in location and continuity.

HELPFUL HINT!! I find this one a good one. When looking at characters physical appearance I have a tendency to use actors/actresses to help with continuity and with visualisation.

Lastly Write!!!!

While it sounds a little restrictive the idea and plan are no as detailed to allow some freedom. You write using these three simple rules.




This is one of the ways I do things. My source of ideas come from various different places and areas from existing movies to myth’s, photos to statues.

Hope this helps guys

Stay tuned