Hi people,

Here’s a little look into my writing mind. Heres how I do things, may not work for you but it might help you some where alone the line.

Each author is different, they each have their own system and they each have their own formula for writing, individual reuses and idea’s came of various different services. We all have our own little way and this snippet of the way I  do things.

First I get the first snippet of an idea. It is void of detail and a general skimming and lack of details.

Secondly identify characters and a little of their background. Then I build the characters interaction.

Thirdly, detailed notes with save room to breath, particularly if their are any crimes involved. Detail these in a separate file and print out to help with continuity during writing.

Fourth! Define locations and again print out details to do in location and continuity.

HELPFUL HINT!! I find this one a good one. When looking at characters physical appearance I have a tendency to use actors/actresses to help with continuity and with visualisation.

Lastly Write!!!!

While it sounds a little restrictive the idea and plan are no as detailed to allow some freedom. You write using these three simple rules.




This is one of the ways I do things. My source of ideas come from various different places and areas from existing movies to myth’s, photos to statues.

Hope this helps guys

Stay tuned



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