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Hi there

Three posts in one day, I think that’s a record for me.

It’s happened again. Just before I went to bed I was reading a book I recently acquired call the Encyclopaedia of Ghost and Spirits. Init was the tale of the Greenbrier Ghost. The ghost of a woman who married and older wan and was killed by him. She visited numbers people after her death and told them of what happened and was involved in her husbands conviction for murder. This was in the late 1800’s.

Well it ably went and gave me and idea for another fable. More and more this happens. I read something, watch something, see something and it sparks my mind.

I went to Castle Howard on Saturday. Lovely place and gives you so many ideas for tale. I had to take pictures of the tree. Can’t wait to have a look at them mite even print them off. partially for my ekphrasis book and partially because I like some of them.

My brain is shattered. Going to try and sleep for a while now. 19 pages to go but worse luck ten have to be completely rewritten. Oh joy.

Goodnight sweet dreams and don’t have nightmares that my job so I can write them down. They don’t scare me.

Stay tuned


Hellow readers

No matter how hard I try I can not write about the perfect romace or fluffy little bunnies or childrens tales filled with adventure, fun, laughter an innocence. I have tried but they always take a twisted route wiether this is intentional or not it always involves some negitive or evil force hell bent on hurting or some angry ghost who wants revenge.

I have tried, I have tried so hard as i know my style and genre is not nessacery what some people want to read. It is just what I write and what my imaginiation wants.

A friend wanted a nice Christmas tale and I said I would try and send it to her. I have finished the tale however I am reluctant to type it as usual it has taken a slight twisted change though not as big or as significant as I usually do.

I admit those who do, who write tales for children such as hidden world of cats in a tale called Koshka, by a close friend of mine, Alexandra Smith. Search her and you will see some of her work.

And the greats.

It might be the fact that I was raised on horror films. My imagination is twisted and warped coming up with tales of sweet innocent perfect and beautiful children becoming a vigilantie serial killer, an adopted girl who finds out shes a pincess and is about to turn into a vampire.

Thats not including the various tales of insane asylum, privet schools,  haunted teens and the tales of sick and twisted serrial killers, college girls who get killed one by one. So many more. My idead come to me vivid detailed and insessant on being written down and worked on.

More to come.

Twisted is now at 149/168 and 66,381. 19 pages left and ten need completely rewriting.

Stay tuned.



I think I am in shock, I know have fourteen followers. Thank you for following me and I hope you enjoy my posts.

Today I have been working on Twisted Coven. It is getting closer, now on 141/167 and 65,951 words not bad for my first novel.

I do have some work topo still as a few chapters need to be rewritten. They dont flow right at the moment. and its the information stage between the two big bangs in the story.

At the moment it more tell than show at the minute.

Better get it done. I need to get it done. working hard should see the end result very soon.

I also need to rename the town though I’m keeping the county same. I might even post a few pictures of the area so you can get a sense of the area.

Stay tuned for more information and projects. I have a mind full of wild scary and horrific idea’s that are just screaming to be written down.


Hello Readers

Well this week has been one of those week. I feel so bad. I have not done a stitch of reading or writing this week. Not in the slightest. I feel so bad. I am at college at the moment and posting while I wait for Judy, the teacher, to have her lunch and the rest of the other students to come in and we can get going. I am hoping that I still improve much like I did last week.

Now I am going to confess to you something that is frighteningly strange to me. I was watching an old episode of America’s next top model, the one where they were taking pictures as thought they had been killed, by each other and it gave me a very odd idea of writing a tale of a group of people who are put to gether in much the same way as America’s next top model/big brother and one by one they get killed off. I think it may have been done before. I know there was something similar in one of the saw films. I guess if I approach it in a different way then that will help and bring a new angle to it. Hum, the brain starts ticking.

I love my new English teacher. She has just said she can’t believe that I am turning 30 this year. Before you ask, the picture on this account is a year old at most. Wedding is coming along, may have a location, with no charge, even better.

I think a lot of you liked my previous post Helpful Hints and I will try my best to do a few more like that. I am also going to ask some writer friends to do a guest post for me. I so hope I can get P I Barrington to. He’s a nice guys and a very talented writer.

Please stay tuned. There is a lot more to come.

I feel so bad that I have been quiet this week. To much to do not enough me time.

Stay Tuned guys.


Hi Readers,

I have a few suggestions for all your budding writers out there. Hers a few things that you will benefit from doing, as I do on a regular basis.

  1. Keep a notepad and pen with you at all times, easier to do if you are a woman but guys man bags are cool, and useful for writers.
  2. Write down any thing down that comes to mind. Any thing, a partial conversation you over heard, description of building.
  3. Get writing magazines, not only do they tell you about successful writers and competitions but they also give you exercises and advise.
  4. For adding drama and tension shorter sentences are better. Especially during the more frightening events.
  5. Grammar is important but getting the tale on paper is the main aim. Editors and proof readers will help with the grammar.
  6. Believe in yourself, if you don’t who will.
  7. Sell yourself to your agents, they use your letter to judge your writing make it as eye-catching and grammatically correct as possible and follow the agencies rules. NB; Agencies and publishers do not like a generic approach so research each agencies and make your approach as personalised as possible but do tell them if you are approaching other contacts as well as them.
  8. Write what you know!! I know everyone says it, but it is true, Patricia Cornwell is a trained Pathologist so it is no surprise that the main character in her biggest book series is a pathologist too. If you know the subject you can write about it with minimal errors as if you write a tale about astrophysics as you know nothing about it you will make a mistake and could potential put people off reading the rest or you could upset them or possibly end up damaging you reputation.
  9. Notes are your friend. I do this to help with continuity. I keep notes to help me remembered who has done what and other key elements of information that may come up later in the book or series. So notes are ideal. I have just began to use Microsoft office 2010’s one note and it keeps and using Powerpoint to turn plans of building (houses and hospitals) and such into jpeg files
  10. Last one, I promise. Write what you want to write but take any feed back given and approach it constructively even if what they have said had hurt. Feedback is you friend and not to be feared.

10 basic rules, all to help and there is a few example in there too.

I want people to enjoy my writing and enjoy my blog. I want to pass on any advise I have been given and pass it on to others and you guys are the lucky ones.

I have more stuff to type up. A section on inspiration, one relating to why I write paranormal thrillers and then there is the one about the process I am now in, the submission stage.

I will also post any helpful links when I spot them.

Happy writing


Writting Class

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Hi Guys,

Back at college and using my writing to releard the rules of grammar. Loving it and using the idea that had me awake last night which at the moment is titled “Vigilante Killer”, I don’ know if I am going to keep that title though.

Will fill you in on what I learn later.

Out for a meal tonight so it might be really late when I check in again.

Happy Writing.


Hi readers

As promiced her is the link for the website to give you a hand with agancy submissions and such

Will fill you in on how much work i have got done over the previous few days.

Stay Tuned Guys



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I know another post but I have been toying with the idea of adding a video to my blog where I can talk to you and you can see be face to face.

Also I was wondering if there was something you particularly wanted me to write about.

Happy writing


Hi reader,

I am such a forgetful person but then again my dyslexia causes problems with my short term memory. I am after all little miss forgetful. I will post the link tomorrow for the writing of pitches and such as well as refer you to particular book on the subject that will hopefully help a little.

I have been good and done some work on Twisted Coven and I have another twenty pages to go through and then we are done, completely done.

Then off it goes to, hopefully, get published and book two, which I have already started needs to be typed up then there’s Dead College Girls Cry, Mirror Image, Family Ties and several that haven’t even got titles yet not to mention the post apocalyptic stories and the Witch Hunt one which is taking a hell of a lot of research to make sure I get my facts right. I also need to contact my ekphrasis teacher with regards to what pieces I want in the booklet and some pictures and a possible structure to the witch hunt novel.

I also have a lot of work to do for book three of my White Witch Saga as I have done all my notes for book two just need to type them up. Also need to check if Mirror Image Notes need writing up and typing. I have a lot of things that are on going at the minute.

May actually reveal a few eliements of my creative process.

Oh and while I am doing all this writing I have to, somehow, factor in college spending time with friends and on top of all that I have to look for a part time job. Oh yeah and fit in some how some cross stitch.

Happy writing

Please feel free to send me anything you want to.

If you do please let me know if I can put it on the blog or not.

Have fun guys and take care


Late Night Posting

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Hello writers and readers

Today I was working a little on the tale mentioned in the previous post still no title or town name or mental institution name as of yet. I have some work to do on it though but it has given me the perfect opportunity to use Microsoft office one note and it’s so easy to use and I can put everything in there also I have put the map in my google account and save it too.

I still have to write a myth then slightly rewrite the vampire myth. Might go far Twilight meets Moonlight. Haven’t quite figured that bit out. All I’ve figure out is they they are day walkers with molten red eyes. Not working on it later on today working on Twisted Coven as I need to get it ready and sent away and I have a full section that needs rewriting as at the moment it’s telling and it doesn’t flow quite right. It keeps growing and once it is done and hopefully published I will be able to concentrate on number two and three along with so many other of the other books.

Some of the stuff I have written is pretty horrific and nasty but not all of it isn’t. The little bits I put on here range from scary to sassy. I have post apocalyptic tales, I have haunted teens, haunted schools, haunted Munchausen mum, cursed family, and others involving myths and legends world wide.

Then there is the Witch hunter tale where a Witch in the 1500’s has to pretend to be Christian to prevent being uncovered and killed horrifically in front of friends and such. Written in journal for but not in olde English it would confuse people though I will avoid slang and may even state in the beginning that it is a descendent who is translating it into modern English for people to read it easier. One day I will total how many projects I have ongoing and you can see for yourself how active my brain can get.

Happy writing

I have a link to an article to help with agency submissions and the like, will pop it on later when I’m on the computer. I get quite a few.

Also I and now on linkedin as well as Facebook and twitter, I have a professional page of Facebook as my personal one stays privet but please like my professional one.

Just search Simone Young.

Follow me on twitter @Simmy202069

I will pop the liked in account tomorrow two. Unfortunately I can’t remember it.

Stay tuned and enjoy your self