Forest Nature Reserve

Woods are scary placed

Hi Guys,

As most of you are aware I have just finished a course in Ekphrasis, I am going to miss it the tutor, Lizzie, was the best and not only was she enthusiastic about who she’s teaching but she is loves what she teaches. She taught every single one of us with the up most respect.

As I have, probably, explained before Ekphrasis is the process by which you generate one art form from another. Such as the painting the girl with the pearl earing gave a young student the idea for the novel with the same name.

I had hand written this post however reading it I have noticed that I have put a lot of un-nessacery details and deviation in that arn’t needed.

Right then lets cut to the challenge.

Look at the piture on this post. Really look t it and then write what ever comes to mind. You can share it on here as a comment or email it to me at

Lets see how you get on with that. It doesn’t matter what you end up writing, the mistakes or anything. I am looking for creativity and what you can get from just one picture.

Happy writing


  1. katmagendie says:

    Oh! our Art Director at Rose & Thorn (though she wasn’t AD then) did a seminar on this at the Gulf Coast something something Conference in Fairhope Ala – it was wonderful and interesting.

  2. maggie says:

    Reminds me of the time I broke my leg when I fell from a tree swing,the tree came came crashing down too. My friends had warned me that my weight was probably too much for the tree but I had a go anyway with disastrous consequences. With my leg in plaster I gained another 4 stone, wasnt a happy time.

    I dont like the woods, full of shadows and you never know who’s lurking. My friend like’s the wood’s though, he goes for picnics with his teddy bears.

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