Hi guys


Hope you are all well, I have enjoyed your comments on my previous posts, though I haven’t posted them all. Apologies for that but I have to think about my fellow writers reading my blog. So I have to keep comments that are, well, less sex related.

I apresiate all comments though.

I have been quiet for the last few days as I have been suffering with the flu. only just started to feel strong enough to do anything properly. Not a good start to the year but I will get there. I looked like a chipmunk on saturday as my glands were swollen.

Have a few projects that have come to mind while I was full of a fever. Will update you on those and I am looking at the drafts for Teenage Visions moments after I post this.

Please email me with anything you want me to look at to paganhorrorwriter@gmail.com

Stay Tuned




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