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Posted: January 16, 2012 by Simone Young in Late Night Work
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Hello writers and readers

Today I was working a little on the tale mentioned in the previous post still no title or town name or mental institution name as of yet. I have some work to do on it though but it has given me the perfect opportunity to use Microsoft office one note and it’s so easy to use and I can put everything in there also I have put the map in my google account and save it too.

I still have to write a myth then slightly rewrite the vampire myth. Might go far Twilight meets Moonlight. Haven’t quite figured that bit out. All I’ve figure out is they they are day walkers with molten red eyes. Not working on it later on today working on Twisted Coven as I need to get it ready and sent away and I have a full section that needs rewriting as at the moment it’s telling and it doesn’t flow quite right. It keeps growing and once it is done and hopefully published I will be able to concentrate on number two and three along with so many other of the other books.

Some of the stuff I have written is pretty horrific and nasty but not all of it isn’t. The little bits I put on here range from scary to sassy. I have post apocalyptic tales, I have haunted teens, haunted schools, haunted Munchausen mum, cursed family, and others involving myths and legends world wide.

Then there is the Witch hunter tale where a Witch in the 1500’s has to pretend to be Christian to prevent being uncovered and killed horrifically in front of friends and such. Written in journal for but not in olde English it would confuse people though I will avoid slang and may even state in the beginning that it is a descendent who is translating it into modern English for people to read it easier. One day I will total how many projects I have ongoing and you can see for yourself how active my brain can get.

Happy writing

I have a link to an article to help with agency submissions and the like, will pop it on later when I’m on the computer. I get quite a few.

Also I and now on linkedin as well as Facebook and twitter, I have a professional page of Facebook as my personal one stays privet but please like my professional one.

Just search Simone Young.

Follow me on twitter @Simmy202069

I will pop the liked in account tomorrow two. Unfortunately I can’t remember it.

Stay tuned and enjoy your self


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