Update on “Twisted Coven”

Posted: January 17, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, Dyslexia, Horror Stories and Novels
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Hi reader,

I am such a forgetful person but then again my dyslexia causes problems with my short term memory. I am after all little miss forgetful. I will post the link tomorrow for the writing of pitches and such as well as refer you to particular book on the subject that will hopefully help a little.

I have been good and done some work on Twisted Coven and I have another twenty pages to go through and then we are done, completely done.

Then off it goes to, hopefully, get published and book two, which I have already started needs to be typed up then there’s Dead College Girls Cry, Mirror Image, Family Ties and several that haven’t even got titles yet not to mention the post apocalyptic stories and the Witch Hunt one which is taking a hell of a lot of research to make sure I get my facts right. I also need to contact my ekphrasis teacher with regards to what pieces I want in the booklet and some pictures and a possible structure to the witch hunt novel.

I also have a lot of work to do for book three of my White Witch Saga as I have done all my notes for book two just need to type them up. Also need to check if Mirror Image Notes need writing up and typing. I have a lot of things that are on going at the minute.

May actually reveal a few eliements of my creative process.

Oh and while I am doing all this writing I have to, somehow, factor in college spending time with friends and on top of all that I have to look for a part time job. Oh yeah and fit in some how some cross stitch.

Happy writing

Please feel free to send me anything you want to.


If you do please let me know if I can put it on the blog or not.

Have fun guys and take care



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