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Posted: January 23, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, Information and advise
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Hi Readers,

I have a few suggestions for all your budding writers out there. Hers a few things that you will benefit from doing, as I do on a regular basis.

  1. Keep a notepad and pen with you at all times, easier to do if you are a woman but guys man bags are cool, and useful for writers.
  2. Write down any thing down that comes to mind. Any thing, a partial conversation you over heard, description of building.
  3. Get writing magazines, not only do they tell you about successful writers and competitions but they also give you exercises and advise.
  4. For adding drama and tension shorter sentences are better. Especially during the more frightening events.
  5. Grammar is important but getting the tale on paper is the main aim. Editors and proof readers will help with the grammar.
  6. Believe in yourself, if you don’t who will.
  7. Sell yourself to your agents, they use your letter to judge your writing make it as eye-catching and grammatically correct as possible and follow the agencies rules. NB; Agencies and publishers do not like a generic approach so research each agencies and make your approach as personalised as possible but do tell them if you are approaching other contacts as well as them.
  8. Write what you know!! I know everyone says it, but it is true, Patricia Cornwell is a trained Pathologist so it is no surprise that the main character in her biggest book series is a pathologist too. If you know the subject you can write about it with minimal errors as if you write a tale about astrophysics as you know nothing about it you will make a mistake and could potential put people off reading the rest or you could upset them or possibly end up damaging you reputation.
  9. Notes are your friend. I do this to help with continuity. I keep notes to help me remembered who has done what and other key elements of information that may come up later in the book or series. So notes are ideal. I have just began to use Microsoft office 2010’s one note and it keeps and using Powerpoint to turn plans of building (houses and hospitals) and such into jpeg files
  10. Last one, I promise. Write what you want to write but take any feed back given and approach it constructively even if what they have said had hurt. Feedback is you friend and not to be feared.

10 basic rules, all to help and there is a few example in there too.

I want people to enjoy my writing and enjoy my blog. I want to pass on any advise I have been given and pass it on to others and you guys are the lucky ones.

I have more stuff to type up. A section on inspiration, one relating to why I write paranormal thrillers and then there is the one about the process I am now in, the submission stage.

I will also post any helpful links when I spot them.

Happy writing



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