Hello Readers

Well this week has been one of those week. I feel so bad. I have not done a stitch of reading or writing this week. Not in the slightest. I feel so bad. I am at college at the moment and posting while I wait for Judy, the teacher, to have her lunch and the rest of the other students to come in and we can get going. I am hoping that I still improve much like I did last week.

Now I am going to confess to you something that is frighteningly strange to me. I was watching an old episode of America’s next top model, the one where they were taking pictures as thought they had been killed, by each other and it gave me a very odd idea of writing a tale of a group of people who are put to gether in much the same way as America’s next top model/big brother and one by one they get killed off. I think it may have been done before. I know there was something similar in one of the saw films. I guess if I approach it in a different way then that will help and bring a new angle to it. Hum, the brain starts ticking.

I love my new English teacher. She has just said she can’t believe that I am turning 30 this year. Before you ask, the picture on this account is a year old at most. Wedding is coming along, may have a location, with no charge, even better.

I think a lot of you liked my previous post Helpful Hints and I will try my best to do a few more like that. I am also going to ask some writer friends to do a guest post for me. I so hope I can get P I Barrington to. He’s a nice guys and a very talented writer.

Please stay tuned. There is a lot more to come.

I feel so bad that I have been quiet this week. To much to do not enough me time.

Stay Tuned guys.


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