Hellow readers

No matter how hard I try I can not write about the perfect romace or fluffy little bunnies or childrens tales filled with adventure, fun, laughter an innocence. I have tried but they always take a twisted route wiether this is intentional or not it always involves some negitive or evil force hell bent on hurting or some angry ghost who wants revenge.

I have tried, I have tried so hard as i know my style and genre is not nessacery what some people want to read. It is just what I write and what my imaginiation wants.

A friend wanted a nice Christmas tale and I said I would try and send it to her. I have finished the tale however I am reluctant to type it as usual it has taken a slight twisted change though not as big or as significant as I usually do.

I admit those who do, who write tales for children such as hidden world of cats in a tale called Koshka, by a close friend of mine, Alexandra Smith. Search her and you will see some of her work.

And the greats.

It might be the fact that I was raised on horror films. My imagination is twisted and warped coming up with tales of sweet innocent perfect and beautiful children becoming a vigilantie serial killer, an adopted girl who finds out shes a pincess and is about to turn into a vampire.

Thats not including the various tales of insane asylum, privet schools,  haunted teens and the tales of sick and twisted serrial killers, college girls who get killed one by one. So many more. My idead come to me vivid detailed and insessant on being written down and worked on.

More to come.

Twisted is now at 149/168 and 66,381. 19 pages left and ten need completely rewriting.

Stay tuned.


  1. yhosby says:

    Hey Simone,

    I think it’s cool that you write dark and twisty stuff. That’s exactly the interesting concepts I like to read. I feel ya on it’s hard to write happy endings, etc. For the genre I write for, happy endings are a must, but I always find myself wanting to add a twist or add something disturbing that my characters have to overcome.

    One day I think it’d be fun to write a thriller or suspense novel like “Harper’s Island” or all the “Scream”‘s. Where a friend amongst the group is the killer, and they have to figure out who it is.

    Keep smiling,

    • Simone Young says:

      Thank you, Everything I do has twists in. I have to keep track of them all. It’s exhusting especially with the amount of projects I have on going. Would love to read you stuff. whats your Genre. xx

      • yhosby says:

        Right now, I write for the romance and women’s fiction genre. I’m really interested in suspense, horror too, so if I ever try that I guess I’ll need a pen name.

        Keep smiling,

      • Simone Young says:

        My writing is all horror, triller’s and suspence. I find that reading a lot of Stephen King help’s as he does it so well. I hope one day to be in the same market and level as him and Patricia Cornwell and Kathey Riches. They are my three favourate authors.
        I also find mythology and history as great inspertation. Give it a go, dont second guess your self and just let it flow. Big piece of advise is the Use short sentences, it creates drama and suspence.

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