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Hello Fellow Writers

As I sit here, wondering if I should write, do some submission stuff, research or just procrastinate and mess about on face book I suddenly realise several things.

Firstly that I should be proud that my first novel is complete and ready for publication. Those of you that are copy editors my disagree and the same with the proofreader’s but from what I can do it is done. I am happy with the story, with the characters and with the subtext. Though I am tempted to add more subtext in placed, I feel that if I do I will make the story more complicated and confuse the character with information that may never come to light. There is one thing I will add which is near the end.  It is a carefully placed sentence that makes the name of the Saga make complete sense.

Secondly I have unwillingly and unknowingly contributed to the negative view of the Pagan religion, not something I want to do, being pagan myself I know how detrimental this can be. Hopefully book two and three will redeem me in the eyes of my fellow Pagans.

Thirdly, it is one hell of an achievement, people often say “I’m going to write a book and it will be great!” I actually have written a book, with several more in the making, and I have every intention to get it printed.

Being a fiction/thriller/suspense writer I feel it would be in my best interest to have an agent. I am not a business woman nor am I a lawyer. I need someone to help me deal with the business and help me deal with the paperwork and such that it involves. I have worked in the privet business  and in sales and though I was good at both I would not view them as worthy while experience for me to pitch an English author writing a story based in Washington State, Walla Walla county. I have changed the name of the town, but not the county. It makes it so much easier when dealing with distances and such.

Now is just the task of finding an agent, one I get on with and one who will have my best interests at heart. A rare thing when money is involved but let’s just hope I managed to find a good one and that the book does well. I really hope it does.

Back to college

Posted: February 24, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello There,

I’m back at college after a day off ill and another day off for half term. I only go once a week. Hope you are all well and having fun writing.

I spent some of yesterday and the early hours of this morning penning letters to sent to agents in a bid to gain their help in getting me published. It has made me realise a few things about my novel. It is more twisted than I first thought. Especially with the more recent bits added in the later chapters. I feel bad that i dealt with her first week there is great deal and essentially skimmed over the rest. There is a reason for this as all the important stuff happens in the first week and the rest of the year is the collection of information and evidence by others and she has less involvements and is involved only when they give her updates. I have put more interesting interactions with her and her friend and brought to the surface some superficial thoughts that may find their way into a journal or monologue. There is also an added twist at the end which could cause more problems than she would hope in book two.

So I best get cracking with my college story and look at them and the practise test.

Catch you all later.


It’s finished

Posted: February 21, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello Readers,


I am so very happy. It is finished. I have completed the first novel, the first of many.

Its has taught me so much.

1/ I need a proper office printer, may have to invest in one at some poin.

2/ I need to be strickter, if I say I’m going to write, write not play on face book or EQ2.

3/ Planning is key, the more planning, the less likely I am to waffle.

4/ College is really doing me the world of good.

Okay, Poll time. Check it out bellow.

Happy Writitng


I’ve been good

Posted: February 20, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello readers.

I think I may have redeamed myself. After a lovely dinner and an indulgant tea I was told that after tea I was writing and nothing more. I was henpecked into it. But it has worked though I think my printer might want to kill me.

I think “Twisted coven” is finally finshed.

One quick read through and I think it is done.

Printing off all 172 pages as we speek but I think my laserjet my kill me and I know it is in need of a new tonner carterage. I think I’ver ordered one or will when the other half gets paid on friday.

So over all a good day for me. I feel soo good.

I feel really good and proud of myself. Will take a picture of the finished manuscript.

Happy writing.



I am so bad, been a bit ill of late hence why I have not been updating my blog.

Horror and thrillers are what I am best at. Small story’s are getting harder to do. Large stories are taking over.

I have done two more chapters on Mirror Image. It’s getting more and more twisted. My darling other half laughed when I explained what the sorry is about, he told me I was sick and twisted because the main character was raped by her father who was a nasty guy. Won’t give you to much details but it is a twisted story.

It’s getting to the pivotal point at the min. I still have a lot of typing to do on Dead College Girls Cry. Which really needs renaming, any suggestions will be gratefully received And I really need to get Twisted Coven finished.

Okay Monday writing and job interview prep. Tuesday get ready and do interview Wednesday Mind and my dear friend Sandra’s for tea. Thursday writing Friday college. Busy week again.

Hopefully tonight I can get some writing done. Cross fingers.
Will fill you in if I get any done. Just had a lovely chicken lunch. Thank you Sandra.

Happy writing..

Let me know any idea on the Dead College Girls Cry new title. Think I’ll do a poll.


Hello fellow writers hope the day has treated you well and that you are in the valentines spirit.

I myself am postponing the day as we have spent to much this month in the process of planing a wedding. All costs. We have a plan though.

Monday was eventful. I spent it writing by hand as we had an electrician in fixing a temperamental light so I did a bit of work of mirror image. It’s coming along nicely and although it seams the big reveal has happened it hasn’t there is more to come but I also have a pile of corrections to do on it. I plan to work on twisted on Thursday as I have an appointment at the other side of town today and Wednesday job centre, mind and my dear dear friends Sandra and Nigel for tea.

No college this week. It’s half term. so I’ll have the house to myself all day as the inlaws will be looking after my nephew. Might work on it then to finish it then to see the Hogwarts express on Saturday me thinks.

So that two whole days of writing this week.

Will update you on wordcount and how far I am.

I have drafted the bits that needed rewriting so with a bit of look that will be it. Cross fingers. I hope it gets snapped up and printed would love to see it in print.

Happy writing.


Hello there,

I feel so bad. I have been away for a week, at my mothers and I feel as though I have neglected you.

So I apologise from the bottom of my heart. I fee so so bad.

So hopefully by the end of the week twisted should be complete. Finally finally finished. I’m so excited. It’s a big thing. A huge thing. Cross fingers. That’s providing there are no distractions, yeah right. Then on with book two and a darker more heart wrenching tale. It’s all very very well, interesting. Also there are so Manu other tales that are wanting attention. I have to prioritise them as to which are important and which can waited. Dead college girl cry( I really need a new name for that one) and Mirror Image are wanting attention not to mention the one I do in English class.

Will post the new planning method as soon as I can.

Happy writing



I know another post, so soon, shocker.

I am at college and my teacher has gone through with me another way of planning. It works and I always thought it would be contricting but it doesn’t feel that way. I can still add things and make things different but it helps me stay on target and get all information where needed.

Its quite nice, and freeing almost. It helps you also figure where the area of research are and where you need to have long sittings and short ones and which chapers are well packed and which need a little more surport. Will post details, where possible.

Happing Writing


Hello Readers


Hope you have had a productive week, I know mine has been a little bit of a mix. Monday, I managed to get some work done on Twisted. A slow work in progress. Tuesday I spent time with the In-laws, wednesday I was in appartments all day and at a friends at night. Thursday I was at remploy doing job applications and such and packing, today, friday, is college day then finish packing and then the two hour long journey to my mum’s.

On the plus side, while at Our Celebration on wednesday I managed to get some pictures associated with the Greenbbrier ghost. The myth mentioned in the post “It’s happened Again”, an excellent my. I have done some research and got the details for the people of Greenbrier to contact them with regards to the story I intend to write.

I would post the pictures however if I do I may get in to trouble as I do not own them and I do not own the copyrights to them.

Oh well. At least I got the  research done. Okay, time to get to doing my college work.

Happy Writing.


Hi Reader

What a wonderful building, can I move in? Please!!!!

On Saturday me and some friends and my wonderful other half went to Castle Howard for the York residents weekend. It was a good day though it isn’t all that disability friendly. I was in agony for three days after the bumpy wheelchair ride. It was wonderful and I can see why it is a place people like to visit. I took over 50 pictures and I was impressed with the scenery and the look of the place. My mind is still fermenting the look of the place and any ideas it has sparked.

I am also preparing to visit my mum and this time there will be a lot of wedding talk. Busy day today with Our Celebration/mind, the job centre, a meeting and to a friends for tea.

I’ve been up for around four hours but I did have an early night last night so I guess it’s not too bad. I may try and find some time today to do the rewrite or the tale based on the Greenbrier Ghost.

Happy writing