Hi Reader

What a wonderful building, can I move in? Please!!!!

On Saturday me and some friends and my wonderful other half went to Castle Howard for the York residents weekend. It was a good day though it isn’t all that disability friendly. I was in agony for three days after the bumpy wheelchair ride. It was wonderful and I can see why it is a place people like to visit. I took over 50 pictures and I was impressed with the scenery and the look of the place. My mind is still fermenting the look of the place and any ideas it has sparked.

I am also preparing to visit my mum and this time there will be a lot of wedding talk. Busy day today with Our Celebration/mind, the job centre, a meeting and to a friends for tea.

I’ve been up for around four hours but I did have an early night last night so I guess it’s not too bad. I may try and find some time today to do the rewrite or the tale based on the Greenbrier Ghost.

Happy writing



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