Hello Readers


Hope you have had a productive week, I know mine has been a little bit of a mix. Monday, I managed to get some work done on Twisted. A slow work in progress. Tuesday I spent time with the In-laws, wednesday I was in appartments all day and at a friends at night. Thursday I was at remploy doing job applications and such and packing, today, friday, is college day then finish packing and then the two hour long journey to my mum’s.

On the plus side, while at Our Celebration on wednesday I managed to get some pictures associated with the Greenbbrier ghost. The myth mentioned in the post “It’s happened Again”, an excellent my. I have done some research and got the details for the people of Greenbrier to contact them with regards to the story I intend to write.

I would post the pictures however if I do I may get in to trouble as I do not own them and I do not own the copyrights to them.

Oh well. At least I got the  research done. Okay, time to get to doing my college work.

Happy Writing.



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