Posted: February 14, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, Disability and depression, Horror Stories and Novels
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Hello fellow writers hope the day has treated you well and that you are in the valentines spirit.

I myself am postponing the day as we have spent to much this month in the process of planing a wedding. All costs. We have a plan though.

Monday was eventful. I spent it writing by hand as we had an electrician in fixing a temperamental light so I did a bit of work of mirror image. It’s coming along nicely and although it seams the big reveal has happened it hasn’t there is more to come but I also have a pile of corrections to do on it. I plan to work on twisted on Thursday as I have an appointment at the other side of town today and Wednesday job centre, mind and my dear dear friends Sandra and Nigel for tea.

No college this week. It’s half term. so I’ll have the house to myself all day as the inlaws will be looking after my nephew. Might work on it then to finish it then to see the Hogwarts express on Saturday me thinks.

So that two whole days of writing this week.

Will update you on wordcount and how far I am.

I have drafted the bits that needed rewriting so with a bit of look that will be it. Cross fingers. I hope it gets snapped up and printed would love to see it in print.

Happy writing.



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