I am so bad, been a bit ill of late hence why I have not been updating my blog.

Horror and thrillers are what I am best at. Small story’s are getting harder to do. Large stories are taking over.

I have done two more chapters on Mirror Image. It’s getting more and more twisted. My darling other half laughed when I explained what the sorry is about, he told me I was sick and twisted because the main character was raped by her father who was a nasty guy. Won’t give you to much details but it is a twisted story.

It’s getting to the pivotal point at the min. I still have a lot of typing to do on Dead College Girls Cry. Which really needs renaming, any suggestions will be gratefully received And I really need to get Twisted Coven finished.

Okay Monday writing and job interview prep. Tuesday get ready and do interview Wednesday Mind and my dear friend Sandra’s for tea. Thursday writing Friday college. Busy week again.

Hopefully tonight I can get some writing done. Cross fingers.
Will fill you in if I get any done. Just had a lovely chicken lunch. Thank you Sandra.

Happy writing..

Let me know any idea on the Dead College Girls Cry new title. Think I’ll do a poll.


  1. Pete Denton says:

    Life can get in the way sometimes and it doesn’t take much to knock you off your stride. Good luck getting back into things this week.

    • Simone Young says:

      Thank you Pete, I managed to complete it last night. I’m hoping it is finally done. I cant wait to see how people like it. Now its just a case of finding the right agent for me.

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