Back to college

Posted: February 24, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello There,

I’m back at college after a day off ill and another day off for half term. I only go once a week. Hope you are all well and having fun writing.

I spent some of yesterday and the early hours of this morning penning letters to sent to agents in a bid to gain their help in getting me published. It has made me realise a few things about my novel. It is more twisted than I first thought. Especially with the more recent bits added in the later chapters. I feel bad that i dealt with her first week there is great deal and essentially skimmed over the rest. There is a reason for this as all the important stuff happens in the first week and the rest of the year is the collection of information and evidence by others and she has less involvements and is involved only when they give her updates. I have put more interesting interactions with her and her friend and brought to the surface some superficial thoughts that may find their way into a journal or monologue. There is also an added twist at the end which could cause more problems than she would hope in book two.

So I best get cracking with my college story and look at them and the practise test.

Catch you all later.



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