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Need Help

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello Writers.

I need your help.

Working on some notes for some of the tales that is slowly building.

I need help with the title for  one of my tales in progress.

It is my ghost and vampire tale. A young woman is being haunted by another you woman who died a year before. They are both victims of a cult/group in thier town and are actually a small group of vampires. The young girls famil has a history of insanity or it may be they know the truth and do not realise it.

Theres a poll for the title for the book.

Please guys. Help Me.

Happy Writing


Hello fellow writers

I feel so cross with my self. I’ve not been on for so long, namely due to the work involved in moving. Packing stuff in so many places is hard work. Were taking a trip to my mums on Thurdsday, to pack the stuff we have there.

I do have some posts writen, I just need to Type them up which I will try and do that this afternoon.

We hope to get the keys for the house this week.  Everythings all go for me at the minuite. Busy bee. Lets not forget all the wedding planing, giving notice on Wednesday. then I have a Job interview next Tuesday, one I hope I have a really good chance of getting the job , it’s part time, NHS. Keep your fingers crossed for me

I’ve not heard from back from my e-mail to the agent yet, may get the other e-mail/letter sorted.

Busy, am I ever anything but.

Happy Writing



Not heard anything yet but I plan to send a few more out.

I love writing.

I have news. We have a house. Rented but I love it.

It is lovely. Move in over the next few weeks.

Fill you in soon.


Hello guys,

Heres another bit of fiction for you. It is along a similar vine as last time. CAUTION GRAPHIC!!!!

Written in honour of Alex Brown

The freeway was silent, no other cars at all. The young blonde was driving, alone, home from University for Christmas.

It was the 20th, she had plenty of time for the two-day car journey.

She had thought of using the tickets her mother sent her for the plant but she had cashed them in a week ago for rent money. Being a student was tough in the current financial situation, it really wasn’t.

Turning on the radio, she smiled ass ACDC’s Highway to hell blasted out of the speakers.

The surroundings white picturesque were dull, grabbing the phone she checked for a message, all the while keeping, keeping one hand on the steering wheel. She looked from her phone to the road. She was she had three messages. One off her room-mate, telling her that their other room-mate had gone AWOL with their rent money. She was the one who usually paid the bills and had not done so for the last three months. She had sorted it by asking her parents to help.

Behind the wheel Paula sighed . She would never asked her parents for help, it wasn’t in her nature.

The second was from her pre-med boyfriend who told her he missed her and loved her. The third was off her mother. Asking when she was flying and when she would arrive. Paula’s eyes flickered between the road and the blackberry in her hand. Texted her room-mate back and told her they would talk about it after the holidays and to try to enjoy herself. She then text her boyfriend back replying his message back to him and added a few provocative elements of her own.

Putting her phone in the cup holder near the hand brake she returned her hands to the wheel and, more importantly, her eyes back to the road.

She gasped, tensed and froze at the sight of an 18 wheeler (artic here in the UK) wagon. He was close, to close. She could smell the rubber as the driver tried to bread and the petrol coming off the encroaching engine within seconds Paula was face to face with the grill on the front of the cabin.

Moments later she came to, untouched and unharmed, several feet from the wreckage. She pushed herself into a standing position and walked over to wreckage. The driver of the truck was now surrounded by patrol officers. She, repeatedly tried to get their attention but they were all busy and ignored her. She walked closer to the mangled remains of the car, a car she inherited, a car she loved. It was totalled.

“Nice one Paula, next time use the tickets!” She scolded herself. Her parents would be so pissed. As she drew closer she noticed most of the front of the car was under the truck. She also noticed something or rather some one was in the car.

“But that can’t be, I was the only one in the car!” She exclaimed, not really understanding what was going on. Around her the fire department were trying to get to the front seat of the car. She walked around so she could look in as the fire men froze.

She stopped mid step as she came face to face with herself, her legs amputated by the engine, slumped in the driver’s seat. It was as though she had ducked but died anyway.

Paula looked closely and noticed blood seeping into her t-shirt. She heard a paramedic say “looks like she ducked but the steering wheel compressed her chest causing her heart to stop.”

“No! I’m here!” Paula screamed to no avail. No one could hear her. Paula was dead. As she stood over her body, her face frozen in realisation, she shuck her head refusing to believe it.

Seconds later she realised that she was no longer alone some one, or rather something was stood beside her.

She knew it was humanoid but the rest of the form was a blur. It nodded.

A slow purposeful nod. She didn’t want but something told heritage would be better if she did.

She moved away from the mangled car and followed the figure, slowly fading away as she did.

As she disappeared completely. Mere inches from her lifeless mangled corpse her blackberry began to ring and the crass site was filled with the tones of “Highway to hell”. No one answered the phone. They let it ring.

Written in honour of Alex Brown, a young girl whose life was taken when she was not paying attention to the road due to texting.

Please do not text n drive.

Visit the website set up by her family in her honour.Remember Alex Brown Foundationg

Back to College

Posted: March 9, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello Writers

I’m back at college, I’ve only missed one week but it feels like forever. I missed it so very much.

I wrote a little bit of fiction last night before bed. Will type it up later for you guys to have a nosy at.

I also have a locations How to for you too. That will be up over the weekend. With a bit of look the new first chapter of “Twisted Coven” will be posted.

I have been busy trying to juggle everything. It is not that much fun but it is worth it.

Best get some work done.

be on later.


Hello writers,

As promised here’s a few tips on character development. The more you know about your character the better but do not get bogged dow with the intimate details of all major and minor characters. The best thing to do is not name the minor characters unless you have to. But you need know as much as you can about you main characters as possible.

Again we will use my blog story (I know, I will repost chapter one soon, really soon) “Teenage Visions”. All the main characters are introduced in a manner in the first chapter.

Main character: Jennifer Jennings

Best Friend: Laurie Legger

Father: Peter Jenning

Mother: Martha Jenning

Stepmother: Sara Jenning

Half brother: Seth Jenning

Creative Writing Teacher: Mr Sholts

Nurse: Samantha White.

Now all these characters are important as the tale develops, even the dead mother . All other characters are refered to in a descriptive manner such as “Jock boy” or “Skiny Girl” etc. This is so the reader gets and idea of their look and behaviour and develop it in their own mind.

Now back to the character you names, these are the ones you need to know the best. I do have a character analysis work sheet however I can not post it as it i found it in a book so it will infringe upon copyright laws. I have found this one however, Yes you really do need to know all this about your characters this is for two reasons.

1/ continuity: if you write in the character chart that they are introvert and shy. you will have a reminder and will reframe from putting that character at the centre of attention it is also things such as eye colour, hair colour, etc.

2/ It help’s you understand them, write them and gage their reactions better and their interactions. People are not 2 dimensional, we are complicated. Fictional people are also. They have a history, bad memories, etc.

Before you fill in the character sheet you have to make a few decisions namely, what they look like. A lot of authors, me included, use the faces of famous people. Shockingly true. Stephanie Meyer did it when she write the “Twilight Saga”. The case she envisioned was different from the one in the films with one exception, I believe, Jordelle Ferland, who was cast in the role of Bree Tanner. A small character that, some how, developed a life of its own. Something they often do.

I use actor, singer, people in the public eye, others we people they know people just imagine them and stick to that mental picture. Which ever way is best for you. Do it. It will only help in the long run.

Once you have your plan (covered in a previous post) and your characters sheet, you are ready.

Happy Writing


Hello Writers

Another early morning where i am wide awake. Partially pain, partially over active mind. I have been looking over the last few weeks and realised a few things.

1/ the posts that get the better readers are the How to’s and the small fictions.

2/ I really need to post on a daily basis.

Well good news.

I have around four posts I am in the process of writing to put up on here for you guys. Most are how to;s and information, there are others that are in my mind, fermenting, that are small fictions.

I am also going to, I know I’ve said this so many times, post up the revised fist chapter of “Teenage Visions”. I am also using it with all the how to’s i am doing so don’t you go nicking my idea. **Giggle**

I have also joined Pintest but I am still finding my way around it at the moment. Will let you know how I get on.

I am also trying to work on the cover for “Twisted Coven”. A long long process. I have sent one contact off, more to go out. Just trying to balance that, the wedding plans and so many other things.

Stay tuned, there’s some cool stuff coming.



Here is a little bit of fiction for you. Enjoy.

Drip, drip, drip, drip. The water leaked through the small hole in the roff, dripping loudly in the pan. A drip that echoed throughout the large house.

Paula, internally cursed her self for the open plan of the house. She knew in id moments she would be fast asleep and the drip would no longer be heard by her young ears.

As the drugs took effect she slowly drifted to sleep the pain, forgotten, the drip, forgotten. She slumbered with a smile on her face.

She was out, her medication, strong enough to knock her out, completely, racing through her small, crumpled pain ridden body. So deep in sleep she was when the equally youthful man climbed through the window and sat at the edge of her bed. His face scared from glass or possibly acne. He held her hand, his hands clad in leather gloves.

He checked her out. Her limbs still covered in bandages from the burns and cuts . Her torso wrapped up like a child on Christmas morning in Alaska. The burn where every where except her beautiful face.

A tear fell down his face as he shifted his gaze to the pill bottles and boxes on the side table. Pain meds, antibiotics, antivirals, antidepressants, sleeping, vitamin tablets, tablets for everything.

“I am so sorry,” he suddenly whispers to her, “I should never have taken you out when I was drunk.”

He looked down at her perfectly shaped face, her heart-shaped lips and his eyes leaked, one more.

Dropping her hand he felt he was being watched. he feared her father. As he stood and turned in the same move he froze, his face filled and frozen with terror. She stood before him.

No burns, no bandages, no pain filling her beautiful ocean blue eyes. The eyes instead, were filled with anger so intense he could feel it from the impossible figure in front of him and her sleeping body to his right.

His face, controlled with terror, refusing to move as she walked forward until she was a mere inch away from him. He heard her voice, though neither set of lips move. “I have been waiting for your visit. You couldn’t stay away. You caused this, you caused my body to be battered and bruised.” Smiling she knew he knew that sorry is clearly not enough. He began to flex his left hand and then, seconds later the right hand-held the left arm.

His face, still holding the terror, now controlled in pain as he dropped to his knees, he looked up at his beautiful girl friend who conscious apparitions face was twisted into a vindictive smile. On he his knees, gripping his chest he tried to call out with no joy. Nothing left no voice or oxygen, she stood and watched as the life slowly drained from the heart attack ridden body. Her smile twisting her beautiful face into a twisted  version of itself.

She looked at her own sleeping body and within moments the machine to its right beeped marking the death of the young girl. Her father came rushing in and tried, in vain, to bring her back but he soon gave up. He knew she didn’t want to suffer any more.

He only found the body of the man responsable  at the other side of the bed several moments mater.

A smile spread across his face, his grief momentarily forgotten as he said to himself, “That’s my girl,” he said out loud, giggling slightly as he did.

She had her vengeance and now she would rest in peace. She always loved, disappearing, even though she was not visible to her father, her spirit never walked those floors again. She was happy, she died with a smile on her face.

Never again would someone drink drive again in the area. She became  a warning, drink drive and you will see her and feel her wrath.

Happy Writing



I may have an addiction. Well, more than one. It seems that, as my addiction to the dark, sumptuous, sensual velvety taste of chocolate, I seem to hold an addiction to stationary, I am a writer, I use that as my excuse, I have been good of late but yet I yearn for a new note books, a pen type I havent got or a folder with gothic pictures even though I have ones I haven’t even used yet.

My other addiction, and it is good for me, is writing I come up with ideas at a moments notice. Some are stand alone novels like ‘Mirror Image’ and ‘Dead College Girls Cry’ but as well as the ‘White Witch Saga’ trilogy it turns out we may have another book series. This time a book about vampires, not witches and demons. I am still messing around with ideas for names. So expect a few polls popping up soon.

Writing is therapeutic and I have, after several years off abstinence, taken up keeping a detailed journal. It was suggested in a meeting at Mind.

I enjoy writing, it is my entire life, well nearly, I have the love of my life still. Writings makes me smile. It makes me laugh, it makes me feel like I am someone and that I have talent. I think that was the pain talking. So it is hard work fitting it in at the moment. It is hard to consider, seriously, my life if I had no creativity with a pen or a pencil.

The wedding draws closer and the planning has gone into hyper-drive.

I smile when I, occasionally, writing something on twitter that is absolutely detailed and horrific. It makes me  smile when  post stuff and you guys look and like.

I think I am going to have a few more, small, bits of fiction for you.

I have a post on inspiration and another few posts with info and advice in there. and a few poll. So the next few days will be interesting reading.

Happy writing guys


Hello fellow writers.

Yes I really did do a post at nearly three this morning, I know, I need sleep. I really do. Hopefully tonight.

Okay, this is the day I finally give you the way I have recently been taught to plan. It may take several posts and I will use Teenage Vision to show you the ease  of the new planning.

If, like me, you already have a sort of plan in your head when the story formulates there this just follows it through for you and will make the actual writing of the story more planed and makes you less likely to waffle.

So you start with this,

A young teenage girl wakes one morning to a normal day, she heads to school to complete a test and while in creative writing class she begins to see people as demon, deformed creatures. She goes to the nurse who worries that what happened to her mother might happen to her. Her friend takes her home to the large house in which she lives with her father, half-brother and stepmother. While there the best friend tells her that her (the main character) is a witch, like her mother and has the power of true sight which explains why she can see demons and even the dead bodies that have recently started to appear in the last affluent area of the town.

As the teens vision develops, she learns that she is the key to ending the demonic control of her town but she has to stay under the radar and not tip their hand. Though she doesn’t like the idea of saving the town eventually she realises that for her safety and the safety of her father she better had try to figure out what is going on.

The end confrontation reveals several shocking truths and the young girl has to battle the one person who would stop her in her tracks. The battle is a messy one and the outcome is good for her side it is not ideal as there are still many of them in the area.

So this is a basic plan, a very basic plan. This would then turn in to this, even more basic. For the following MC = Main Character.

MC drives to school with best friend MC see’s her creative writing teacher as a demon, his true face.

MC see’s the nurse who is worried she is developing her mothers psychosis.

MC is driven home by best friend and see people with glowing around them and bodies that have been cleaned up

MC’s best friend tells her that she is able to see people’s true face and works through some of the confusion.

MC is worried about her father and brother when she realised her step mother is one of them.

MC is included in a ‘coven’ meeting where they confess to her that they know who and what she is.

MC discovers that her maternal bloodline is the key to ending the demonic control of the small affluent town.

MC rebels against the idea of being the saviour and tells them to find someone else.

MC realises that if she does nothing ‘they’ will bleed her father dry of everything and kill him leaving her with nothing and out in the cold.

MC joins the battle and is shocked by a revelation as to why she can see people’s true faces.

MC wins the battle and the demons spread but she realises that while they are out there her and her father are at risk.

MC has to think about her half-brother who is half demon and is completely in her care and, as of yet, is completely innocent.


So this is the basic skeleton of the story, the basic idea.

You go through each of the above lines and underneath add a little more description such as;

MC is driven home by her best friend and see’s people with glowing around them and bodies, that have been cleaned up.

As she is driven home she looks out of the window and see’s people some with a blue glow, some with a red glow, some with scaly skin with evil dragon like eyes and the bodies lying in the gutter surrounded by a red blood pool.

This can be a short as possible but it is to help you stay on point with they story.

Do this for all the main elements of the story and you will notice that the plan while detailed still gives you wiggle room. It also helps you figure out where you may need more action and where you may need more back story to help highlight the characters, bad and good.

Wow, managed to do it all in one post, I’m surprised at that.

Okay, going to do my homework then the short walk to college, and see what Julie thinks of the characters in the vigilante Killer.

Catch you all later.

Happy Writing