I may have an addiction. Well, more than one. It seems that, as my addiction to the dark, sumptuous, sensual velvety taste of chocolate, I seem to hold an addiction to stationary, I am a writer, I use that as my excuse, I have been good of late but yet I yearn for a new note books, a pen type I havent got or a folder with gothic pictures even though I have ones I haven’t even used yet.

My other addiction, and it is good for me, is writing I come up with ideas at a moments notice. Some are stand alone novels like ‘Mirror Image’ and ‘Dead College Girls Cry’ but as well as the ‘White Witch Saga’ trilogy it turns out we may have another book series. This time a book about vampires, not witches and demons. I am still messing around with ideas for names. So expect a few polls popping up soon.

Writing is therapeutic and I have, after several years off abstinence, taken up keeping a detailed journal. It was suggested in a meeting at Mind.

I enjoy writing, it is my entire life, well nearly, I have the love of my life still. Writings makes me smile. It makes me laugh, it makes me feel like I am someone and that I have talent. I think that was the pain talking. So it is hard work fitting it in at the moment. It is hard to consider, seriously, my life if I had no creativity with a pen or a pencil.

The wedding draws closer and the planning has gone into hyper-drive.

I smile when I, occasionally, writing something on twitter that is absolutely detailed and horrific. It makes me  smile when  post stuff and you guys look and like.

I think I am going to have a few more, small, bits of fiction for you.

I have a post on inspiration and another few posts with info and advice in there. and a few poll. So the next few days will be interesting reading.

Happy writing guys



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