Don’t text and drive

Posted: March 11, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works
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Hello guys,

Heres another bit of fiction for you. It is along a similar vine as last time. CAUTION GRAPHIC!!!!

Written in honour of Alex Brown

The freeway was silent, no other cars at all. The young blonde was driving, alone, home from University for Christmas.

It was the 20th, she had plenty of time for the two-day car journey.

She had thought of using the tickets her mother sent her for the plant but she had cashed them in a week ago for rent money. Being a student was tough in the current financial situation, it really wasn’t.

Turning on the radio, she smiled ass ACDC’s Highway to hell blasted out of the speakers.

The surroundings white picturesque were dull, grabbing the phone she checked for a message, all the while keeping, keeping one hand on the steering wheel. She looked from her phone to the road. She was she had three messages. One off her room-mate, telling her that their other room-mate had gone AWOL with their rent money. She was the one who usually paid the bills and had not done so for the last three months. She had sorted it by asking her parents to help.

Behind the wheel Paula sighed . She would never asked her parents for help, it wasn’t in her nature.

The second was from her pre-med boyfriend who told her he missed her and loved her. The third was off her mother. Asking when she was flying and when she would arrive. Paula’s eyes flickered between the road and the blackberry in her hand. Texted her room-mate back and told her they would talk about it after the holidays and to try to enjoy herself. She then text her boyfriend back replying his message back to him and added a few provocative elements of her own.

Putting her phone in the cup holder near the hand brake she returned her hands to the wheel and, more importantly, her eyes back to the road.

She gasped, tensed and froze at the sight of an 18 wheeler (artic here in the UK) wagon. He was close, to close. She could smell the rubber as the driver tried to bread and the petrol coming off the encroaching engine within seconds Paula was face to face with the grill on the front of the cabin.

Moments later she came to, untouched and unharmed, several feet from the wreckage. She pushed herself into a standing position and walked over to wreckage. The driver of the truck was now surrounded by patrol officers. She, repeatedly tried to get their attention but they were all busy and ignored her. She walked closer to the mangled remains of the car, a car she inherited, a car she loved. It was totalled.

“Nice one Paula, next time use the tickets!” She scolded herself. Her parents would be so pissed. As she drew closer she noticed most of the front of the car was under the truck. She also noticed something or rather some one was in the car.

“But that can’t be, I was the only one in the car!” She exclaimed, not really understanding what was going on. Around her the fire department were trying to get to the front seat of the car. She walked around so she could look in as the fire men froze.

She stopped mid step as she came face to face with herself, her legs amputated by the engine, slumped in the driver’s seat. It was as though she had ducked but died anyway.

Paula looked closely and noticed blood seeping into her t-shirt. She heard a paramedic say “looks like she ducked but the steering wheel compressed her chest causing her heart to stop.”

“No! I’m here!” Paula screamed to no avail. No one could hear her. Paula was dead. As she stood over her body, her face frozen in realisation, she shuck her head refusing to believe it.

Seconds later she realised that she was no longer alone some one, or rather something was stood beside her.

She knew it was humanoid but the rest of the form was a blur. It nodded.

A slow purposeful nod. She didn’t want but something told heritage would be better if she did.

She moved away from the mangled car and followed the figure, slowly fading away as she did.

As she disappeared completely. Mere inches from her lifeless mangled corpse her blackberry began to ring and the crass site was filled with the tones of “Highway to hell”. No one answered the phone. They let it ring.

Written in honour of Alex Brown, a young girl whose life was taken when she was not paying attention to the road due to texting.

Please do not text n drive.

Visit the website set up by her family in her honour.Remember Alex Brown Foundationg


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