Hello my fellow writers.

I hope you have all had a fruitful weekend. I have had an odd one. What, with the move my writing stuff is spread over two houses and I currently have no desk and my mind, as jumbled as it is, keeps coming up with ideas. Strange ideas.

For example last night I had the strangest of dreams which is slowly turning into a work of fiction a story that may grow. A tale in which something is most definitely not what it seams an involves a strange mythical beast that can manipulate the human mind.

Writing is one of the best things I have in my life and I have missed it while I haven’t been able to write as I normally would. This is mainly due to the majority of my stuff still being packed.

I have also been back to college and though my tutor Julie has moved onto another project we are getting another, equally good, teacher. They both like my creativity and are helping with the commas and such. We have discovered punctuation is my biggest problem, along with spelling, I always hated spelling.

Once I get the office sorted I’ll post pictures up. We are looking forward to having it sorted, my other half is without computer, which is not ideal, he’s a writer too. He doesn’t blog.

I get inspiration from just about everywhere. Where do you get your? What is the strangest place you have got inspiration from? What is the strangest result of your inspiration?

Will keep you informed with what’s going on and any developments.

I apologise for any errors made in this blog post.

Happy writing.


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