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Hello readers,

Hope you are all enjoying the weather. Here in the UK we, for once, have sun shine.

I really Hope its lasts a while longer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Today I am going to talk about the novel I have been working on for some time now, ‘Twisted Coven’, and although I will not be putting any extracts from the book on here I will however put on a few sumarys and Blurbs to wet your apitite while I finish of a few bits on it and with luck start the process of publication soon after.

First I will explain why I am reluctant to put on samples of the story.

During my researcher in to agents and publishers the vast majority of them like to recieve work that is unpublished and to some of those if the work in on a blog or website then it is published. This is not true for all just a selection of them. The main reason for this, I guess, is to ensure that the work submited to them in fact belogs to the person sending it in and not the person who saw it on the internet, changed it a little and then sent it in.

I am aware of instances where a struggling writer has put thier novel on the internet and it then recieves a publication request by a publisher who has seen it on the internet and tracked down the author. I am happy to put samples on here of my writing, but not one of the projects I am hoping to get printed. I am just worried that some one will see the book and essentially steal it. Though this is rare it is sill a concern of mine.

I have recieved excellent feedback on this from several different quarters and love the fact that those people have enjoyed reading it and that it pulled them in from an early stage.

Okay now the serious part is over I will put on a sumary of the novel for you all to have a look at.

‘Twisted Coven’ is a spine chilling tale of a doctors first year in residency as a psychitrist in a home for the criminally insane. Her first case throws questions at her from the very beginning as she attempts to identify why her first patient killed her family. After a little investigating the young doctor soon realised that her patient did not kill her family and she begins to unravel over a hundred years of murder, abuse, tourture and torment that have happened in or near the hospital resulting in the walls being stained by the blood and souls of the countless dead. She brings the wrath of the nearby town on to her head as she begins to uncover what has been going on resulting in a battle she has little chance of winning. She had to apease the spirits of those killed for them to be at peace but will she survive or will she just be another vistim.

I hope that has wetted your apetite and I will choose from my countless blurbs to give you one I think you will like. I might give a few to see which one you like best.


Happy Writing.



Well guys,

After living in the new house for a month the office is finally in a useable state. there is still a lot to do and organise and there is more furnature coming and more stuff to come from his mums but it seams we may be getting there.

I’m in the corner which is fine because I have everything in arms reach. Next week I will be cracking on with the changes to twisted along with a few others projects.

So much going on at the minuite it is so untrue. We still have so much to do on the house and books, projects and such.

Stay tuned might but up some more teasers for other projects to get my teeth into.

Let cross out fingers I get some peace and quite soon so I can crack on with projects and get some serious work done.

Stay tuned guys more interesting things to come.



I’m back at college after another week off and what a week it has been. Just over a month ago I lost my great uncle who I loved very much then sunday just gone a close friend of ours lost thier father.

Its been a strange week. a very strange week. I have managed to do some writing as well as spending sometime with my friends of the wonderful world of EQ2.

Heres a little snippit of something from the project I’m working on a college.

Samantha tore her strained eyes from the passing green wall of tall trees lining the road and looked in the rear view mirror and locked eyes with her father for a fraction of a second. Her face changed. It shifted from happiness to blind panic. Within seconds of the brief eye contact the car was filled with the hysterical cries of the six year old child. She screamed, cried and yelled. Repeating the word, “No!” Over and over again. She kicked the back of her mothers chair and banged on the glass window.


Paul and Jessica both sighed and Paul pulled over onto the grassy bank that flanked the busy interstate road. Jessica, worried, jumped out of the passenger seat and quickly opened the back door to her hysterical and panic riddled child. Samantha jumped into her mothers arms as her father sighed once more banging his head on the steering wheel muttering, “Not again. Not now.”

Hope you like

Feedback welcomed

Happy Writing



Hope you’re all well.

I am currently working on several project at the moment with various people and various tales.

I may have a model for my new tale which is Stir of Echo’s meets the Grudge with my twisted little take on it.

A tale of a woman hell-bent of tearing the men who killed her apart.

There is also a murder mystery horror which should be good, really good. I can’t wait for mine n the hubby’s office to be sorted then I can knuckle down, get book one out there and book two finished.

Happy Writing



Again, I have let my blog slip, why? I have been really, really busy. Life is more than hectic at the moment. We’ve been in our new house now for a month and it’s still like a bomb site. I have managed to do some writing projects even a few now ones. It is hard but we are getting there.

The new tale is about a ghost out for vengeance Grudge meets Stir of Echos in a strange way.

I have received some further feedback on “Twisted Coven”, good feedback. After a bit more work on it, it will be one heck of a book.

Just cant wait to get the study sorted so that I can do some decent work on it. A place where I can sit down and concentrate properly. I am still drafting letters and looking into agents. I can not wait.

I am exhausted, I did way to much walking over the last few days and my body is in complete and utter agony.

I will check in soon and fill you in with the new writing project, both of them.

Yes, I am keeping details of one of them from you, for the time being.

Will check in soon.

Keep writing.


Hello Readers,

I am glad so many of you liked the interview I did with Rebecca Hamilton. She is such a nice person and her skills as a writer are eminence. I have to say with her busy home life I am so surprised she had time for everything else but she is publishing a sequel to Forever Girl later this year. I hope.

I am at college again and I have found I have just six classes before my exam and qualification :(. But on the plus side I am currently looking into getting my leve 3 in English Language, with a bit of luck I will be able to get it free as money is a little bit tight. Level 3 is the equivalent of an A level. I hope I can manage it while getting various books ready for print.

I have also designed my business cards and I am currently looking into doing a booklet of stories, poems and flash fictions for sale in the York Area. All the while I am trying to organise a wedding, sort out a house, find a job and chase doctors for a diagnosis for the condition that plagues me so much.

I currently have a to-do list a mile long and for all of the above things. after college i need to head home and put up some shelves, start tea and such.

I also need to get hold of Microsoft office publisher, without spending too much money. I may have a way of doing it. We’ll just wait on that one. I need to have a word with a good friend of mine.

Happy Writing