Hello Readers,

I am glad so many of you liked the interview I did with Rebecca Hamilton. She is such a nice person and her skills as a writer are eminence. I have to say with her busy home life I am so surprised she had time for everything else but she is publishing a sequel to Forever Girl later this year. I hope.

I am at college again and I have found I have just six classes before my exam and qualification :(. But on the plus side I am currently looking into getting my leve 3 in English Language, with a bit of luck I will be able to get it free as money is a little bit tight. Level 3 is the equivalent of an A level. I hope I can manage it while getting various books ready for print.

I have also designed my business cards and I am currently looking into doing a booklet of stories, poems and flash fictions for sale in the York Area. All the while I am trying to organise a wedding, sort out a house, find a job and chase doctors for a diagnosis for the condition that plagues me so much.

I currently have a to-do list a mile long and for all of the above things. after college i need to head home and put up some shelves, start tea and such.

I also need to get hold of Microsoft office publisher, without spending too much money. I may have a way of doing it. We’ll just wait on that one. I need to have a word with a good friend of mine.

Happy Writing



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