I’m back at college after another week off and what a week it has been. Just over a month ago I lost my great uncle who I loved very much then sunday just gone a close friend of ours lost thier father.

Its been a strange week. a very strange week. I have managed to do some writing as well as spending sometime with my friends of the wonderful world of EQ2.

Heres a little snippit of something from the project I’m working on a college.

Samantha tore her strained eyes from the passing green wall of tall trees lining the road and looked in the rear view mirror and locked eyes with her father for a fraction of a second. Her face changed. It shifted from happiness to blind panic. Within seconds of the brief eye contact the car was filled with the hysterical cries of the six year old child. She screamed, cried and yelled. Repeating the word, “No!” Over and over again. She kicked the back of her mothers chair and banged on the glass window.


Paul and Jessica both sighed and Paul pulled over onto the grassy bank that flanked the busy interstate road. Jessica, worried, jumped out of the passenger seat and quickly opened the back door to her hysterical and panic riddled child. Samantha jumped into her mothers arms as her father sighed once more banging his head on the steering wheel muttering, “Not again. Not now.”

Hope you like

Feedback welcomed

Happy Writing


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