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I know, two in one day.

Zombie, you died.
Zombie, you lied
You promised you would not do this
You said we’d get through this

Zombie, why did you do it,
Why can’t we get through it.
Zombie, you need control
But no so I have to patrol

You were my best friend
You were the best blend
A mix of crazy
Weird, and hazy

But now you stink
Like dirty dishes in the sink
I don’t want to do it
But I see no way through it

You are already dead
So I will chop of your head
I’m sorry zombie
This is no hobby

Now you are gone
Your movements none
I shed a tear
I feel no fear

Time to move on
I am but one
Every ones gone
But life continues on

Goodbye my sweet pea
I will miss thee
Should I bury you at sea
Or just leave you be

Goodbye and rest in peace
At last….
Dead is dead is dead
Zombie no more

Hope you like it, here’s one for you Joe..

It just popped into my head when I was thinking of the one you did Joe.

Happy writing

Simone xxx


Trying to keep busy, not hard with wedding two days away.

I don’t know what draws me to writing other than I always feel the need write. It is nothing more than a need to write.

I am trying to get better with taking writing classes and keep practicing.

What draws you too writing?

Sorry it’s short and sweet. Don’t forget the competition.

Happy writing. I can’t wait to read the entries.

Simone xx


I’ve been thinking about doing a competition on here for some time. Now i’ve decided to do it, why the heck not. The plan is to Start off slow and build it up.

Okay, the competition is to write a 500 word flash fiction monologue about the life of a survivor of a nuclear attack that has crippled the planet.

The marking features will be originality(10%), technique(10%), style(20%), and finally but most importantly is content(60%).

It can be slightly romantic but please try n make it scary, deadline is the first of august. Prize has yet to decided.

Also, the collection of works mentioned previously may make it’s way to amazon. I have a few friends helping me with them.

Will try and post a sample of what, roughly I want with the post-apocalyptic flash fiction. No resident evil spoof just your work.

Please email entries to

Good luck and happy writing !!!


Hello and happy fathers day.

Writing means different things to different people. No two writers will write the same story the same way. Thier style and flare will differ along with thier interpretation.

A perfect example is me and my better half. We are both writers and we love writing and we have several simular idea’s. A perfect example is our zombie relaged tales. His is based on the fight of one girl to stay alive while on her own and mine is about a family trying to stay together.

Same basic foundations, different spin.

Another is the simularities betwen Stephanie Meyer and Rebecca Hamilton and thier tales of vampires and shape shifters. Same basic idea, different result, completely different.

Some people see writing as a way of getting rich quick, and quite often fail, others see it as a passion or calling where they have to do it, they have to tell the stories. The third kind are those that write for a living, usually journalist, writers for tv, film and stage and finally serious bloggers. I fit into the second category. Each idea running through my head and at some stage demands to be written down. I have up to and possibly above twenty different tales I am trying to pen.

At least three are the beginnings of several book series. But as much as I moan about the sleepless night, as much as I winge out my brain never slowing I would belost without it.

Writing when I was younger was not as important, not as vital, school, friends, tv were more important and when I did write it was fan fiction baised on the shows I loved at the time.

I combined Xena and Hercules with Stargate. I melded X-files, Highlander, American Gothic to several other shows. I did an idea for Charmed to rip the whole idea and family apart. The idea’s are there, still, folders filled ith notes n drafts but i have other ideas that have taken over.

It all started at Christmas 2008 it was slow at the job I was working at the time and the restrictions were relaxed on what we could and coudn’t do. As I was in the corner I couldn’t be seen anyway. Once my work was done, the filing, the orders, the logistics stuff I, one day, opened a file and stared writing a random story. Within months it had taken on a life of it’s own. That is when “Twisted Coven” was born though it went by “Blakesmith Cataombs” at the time. My style is different but I take my cues fom three of the greats.

Stephen King, the best thriller and horror writer of our life time.

Patricia Cornwell, the author of murder mysteries staring the talented pathologist Kay Spargetta.

And last but not least Kathy Reichs, the creator of anthropologist Temperance Brennan, which has been made in to
A tv show named Bones.

Writing to me is my hobby, my job and my life. I enjoy working alone though sometimes I enjoy it when Pete n I work together on tales of the heroes vampires and his passion is contagious.

My huband to be is a writer, he writes super hero fiction and fan fiction(link his blog) and one of his larger fictions were are woking together. He has not be writing the amount of years I have but enjoys it, he is really good. I think i might have to talk him into a few classes.

We’re just trying to find ways of avoiding infringing on existing superhero and other fiction. Something I am also trying to do with several of my tales.

What does writing mean to you?
Who do you write for?
What is your ultimate goal?

I m in the process of doing a collection of tales, prose and poems, and printing it at my voulentiering job. Would you be interested in a competition to see who wins a copy? If so what would you like to see in it? A short tale and the winner wins a copy in which the tale is printed.

Also would you like teenage visions to make a return?

Answers in the commcents below and follow to keep up to date on my many idea’s and competitions I am going run.

Happy writing



I don’t usually do this so please indulge me on this one. As most of you may be aware I have dyslexia. I am lucky as I am on the lower end of the scale however I still struggle. Especially when I’m tired, when I have high pain levels (which is often with my medical conditions) and, most of all, when I’m under stress.

It is still not as well treated or recognised in the schools as it should be and though some are discovered early, others, like myself, were not diagnosed and identified until later on. Mine was identified when I was eighteen when I told my college tutor my mother was dyslexic. That was when the penny dropped so to speak for the education system.

Work does need to be done about helping others with this so that they don’t think they are stupid or thick and that they need to rapidly restructure and reassess the way they deal with it. I’ve found a list of celebs and famous people with dyslexia. Some of which might surprise you. I already knew about Tom Cruise, Albert Einstien and Richard Branson but I didn’t know about Jamie Oliver, James Martin Keira Knightly and so many other the other.

Dyslexia does not mean you are stupid or thick. Actually it is the opposite. With my Dyslexia my IQ is 132 however if I wasn’t dyslexic it would be 20 point higher. The average mark for IQ is 80-110 and if I was three points higher I would be at MENSA level yet I hate crosswords and Sudoku. I have no patience for them.

A person’s IQ changes throughout life and those with high IQ’s are not always socially graceful. Other people’s brilliance shows in other ways and you do not need to have an high IQ to be smart.

Just remember that if you are dyslexic you are not thick, you are not stupid and you have gifts that others may not have.

Writers that have had or had dyslexia are Agatha Christie, Hans Christian Anderson, Henry Winkler, Leonardo Da Vinci, Whoopie Goldberg and french author Gustave Flaubert to name but a few. So, yes you can be a writer even if you are dyslexic. There is nothing stoping you I did it and so can u.

Hope this has given you food for thought my fellow writers, thank you for indulging me.

Happy Writing



Have you ever found that when you follow the rules to the letter put your pronouns and nouns in the right place along with your comma’s and apostrophes it gets in the way of the flow of the story. I know you need to know the rules and know how to break them but not all writers know each individual rules by heart and nor can their brain store that information.

When I write I write from the heart and my brain just allows the words to flow and the rules only come into account during the proofreading and editing stage. It physically and emotionally hurts when I do the proof reading and editing as it is my baby that is getting edited.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

How do I try to survive my book being torn apart?

The wedding is next week some I’ll probably be quite for a while then, with luck, should be back in earnest. xx

Happy Writing


I am at my volunteer job and working hard on a set of photo’s for an exhibition about Ekphrasis in which Sandra, a good friend of mine and my self are being exhibited.

I have chosen several pictures for the event and I hope they are approved. If you ever get the chance get involved in Ekphrasis do it.

It is a strange concept to begin with but it soon pays dividends and works to your advantage.

I enjoy it. I still use it and can’t wait for the exhibition and to see how things go. I have been asked to take pictures of the event and I can not wait. It is the same day of my test for my Level 2 English and then I can maybe start my level 3.

Apologies about being absent, the wedding and writing has taken over.

Stay Tuned