Competition Time

Posted: June 17, 2012 by Simone Young in Agents and publishers, Competition, Information and advise, Short Stories
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I’ve been thinking about doing a competition on here for some time. Now i’ve decided to do it, why the heck not. The plan is to Start off slow and build it up.

Okay, the competition is to write a 500 word flash fiction monologue about the life of a survivor of a nuclear attack that has crippled the planet.

The marking features will be originality(10%), technique(10%), style(20%), and finally but most importantly is content(60%).

It can be slightly romantic but please try n make it scary, deadline is the first of august. Prize has yet to decided.

Also, the collection of works mentioned previously may make it’s way to amazon. I have a few friends helping me with them.

Will try and post a sample of what, roughly I want with the post-apocalyptic flash fiction. No resident evil spoof just your work.

Please email entries to

Good luck and happy writing !!!



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