Hello again,

I have just spent the last two hours working on a back story and information for a tale I am co writing with my better half.

The back story and basic information has, as usual, taken on a life of it’s own. Though I can not tell you too much as it is top secret.

I can tell you that the vampires in the tail are not of the Bram Stoker type, nor the Stephanie Meyers type.

I hate it that when you don’t follow the myth of vampires to the letter you end up getting critiqued and pulled apart when myths are myth.

A writer will take myths, rhymes and history and play with them. It’s fiction, a tale to entertain nothing more, and entertain we will with the tale of……….. I know I’m evil. If I give to much away he will go mad.

Two dead boys is getting closer to completion and I can’t wait to see what you all think.

Stay tuned my friends.

Ohh, no one entered the competition, so will think about how to make it better, get the word out a little more.

If you want me to look at anything or you want an opinion on something your working on just let me know by emailing me at paganhorrorwriter@gmail.com .

Happy writing my friends



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