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Research and Plans

Posted: August 23, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works
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Ive been fighting illness and pain to do as much work as I can. Soon I will doing the corrections for ‘Two Dead Boys’ and put it up with the rhyme at the end as a reminder.

And speaking of which, if you guys notice an error or want me to do something specific please let me know.
Stay tuned guys and stay happy.


‘Two Dead Boys’

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works



I know I promised you guys a tale over the weekend but unfortunately I was floored by a nasty summer cold and with my health not being great as you can gather anything else on top of the usual and my body suffers so I was in bed all day on saturday and spent some time with the in-laws yesterday.

Today I have been productive and spent over three hours tied to the laptop working on plans and ‘Two Dead Boys’ it’s nearly ready just need a few tweaks and it is there. It’s sort of zombie fiction and their could be a sequel but I haven’t decided on it yet.

I still have plans for another three or four of my books to do plus the husbands plans.

Think I’m going to have to invest in one of those table things so I can use the laptop in the living room this computer chair is killing my back.

Teaching myself how to draw again and I think I’m doing okay. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s for some of the husbands stuff. Which reminds me I need to pen an Email.

At least I have plenty to keep me busy tomorrow.

Hope your all okay and enjoying the summer.

Happy writing and stay tuned.




Well the plans are all done but I have yet to type them up. I’m going to give cartoon drawing another try before I call in the troops. That’s for Peters stories as we have a plan to do a chapter and then do a cartoon strip to go with it.

I’ve done a plan for one of my vampire tales and a few others including character information and the plan for various other tales including The sequel of “Twisted Coven” titled “Unlikely Possession” but still need to do the plan for “Mirror Image”. Got a pile of work to do including corrections for “Twisted Coven” and the pile of plans for the other halves stuff.

Stay tuned

Happy writing



Me and my better half have started doing some work on his novels and stories. I still have one to proof read, and some of it I’ve written but still need proof reading.

I’m also working on twisted book two. Going to work on corrections tomorrow for book one. I’m having a bad pain day today.

My babies due home in just under two hours. I can’t wait to hold him. I love him loads. Okay enough of that.

Planed a few short stories for him to do. I’m also teaching himself a few rules of writing to. I hope he will like what I’ve done. He like the idea of us co-writing as he hasn’t been doing it as long as I have so he is relying on my experience.

Hopefully it will all work out.

Happy writing and stay tuned


Hi reader,

I can’t sleep yet again, this is not good but never mine.

Me and my wonderful hubby have been working a few projects. I knew I was writing some of the books for one of the book series but when he asked me to proof read what he had done, some was good but others needed re-writing.

It’s not his fault he’s been writing on and off but not really delved into it like I have so he asked for my help and he got it. I just hope he doesn’t regret it.

We’ve worked together on plans for several of the books he currently working on. I’m not telling you much but Joe, Zombie Joe!! We have eight books planed right up your street.

I just hope he doesn’t think I’m taking over.

His ideas are great and well though out. They just need a little boost to help the readers see the character as we, the writers, do.

He has agreed to be co writers so added to my own work loads I now have his.

The short story Two Dead Boys is coming along nicely. It’s another one for zombie Joe.

My own zombie story is not long enough to bee a novel. Might attempt to make it into a short story.

Would anyone like me to post some of my short stories up or some of my own ekphrasis tales.

Please let me know and I will happy add them.

Stay tuned and happy writing


Hi readers

So I’ve been quiet and with good reason I have been proof reading my first novel and I’ve been brutal with it. I still have months of work doing the painful corrections but with a bit of luck I will have a better novel. Now I have an unscheduled break do work on The White Witch Saga book two, proof read the hubbies stuff or work on one of the stand alone stories.

I think I’ll proof read the hubbies, it’s not ling and can prob get it done in a few days then work on corrections n book two and one of the numerous stand alone tales I have to finish.

So much work. I turn thirty soon and hope to get published before I’m thirty one. Working hard on it. Brother in law won’t let up until its printed.

Wish me luck guys

Stay tuned and happy writing.



I’ve been working hard on “Twisted Coven” and i now at page 123 of 178. Getting there, slowly.

Also toying with ideas for the cover but not quite sure yet. I want simple, eye catching and symbolic of the storyline inside.

Will have to rack my brain a little harder.

Anyone one want to step in with any idea’s.

“Two dead boys” is getting closer to completetion. Then it will need to be proof read.

Zombie Joe, think you will enjoy the ending for it. *HINT*

So, I’m off to be now as I have a busy day tomorrow and can not wait to see the visitors that are coming.

Stay tuned and again I am so sorry for my two week anbsence. I was really ill.



I feel so bad right now. It’s been nearly a month since my last post. I can not say sorry enough though I have an excuse.

I have been really ill of late with IBS, stomach bugs, and my normal pain levels increasing. There have been days I have struggled to get out of bed.

I have also been writing. I have picked Dead college girls cry apart an I have decided to re write it. I am also on page 114/172 or Twisted Coven on it’s last, hopefully, proof read. Much to my surprise I am being brutal.

Two dead boys is coming along nicely as is the short story booklet.

I will say sorry again for my absence, also if I have miss-spelt anything I’m sorry, it is most likely due to my dyslexia.

Happy writing

Simone. Xx

Ps: Anyone want some more handy hints and would you like some more flash fiction xxx