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Posted: August 12, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, ekphrasis, Horror Stories and Novels, Late Night Work
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Hi reader,

I can’t sleep yet again, this is not good but never mine.

Me and my wonderful hubby have been working a few projects. I knew I was writing some of the books for one of the book series but when he asked me to proof read what he had done, some was good but others needed re-writing.

It’s not his fault he’s been writing on and off but not really delved into it like I have so he asked for my help and he got it. I just hope he doesn’t regret it.

We’ve worked together on plans for several of the books he currently working on. I’m not telling you much but Joe, Zombie Joe!! We have eight books planed right up your street.

I just hope he doesn’t think I’m taking over.

His ideas are great and well though out. They just need a little boost to help the readers see the character as we, the writers, do.

He has agreed to be co writers so added to my own work loads I now have his.

The short story Two Dead Boys is coming along nicely. It’s another one for zombie Joe.

My own zombie story is not long enough to bee a novel. Might attempt to make it into a short story.

Would anyone like me to post some of my short stories up or some of my own ekphrasis tales.

Please let me know and I will happy add them.

Stay tuned and happy writing



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