Helping hand part two

Posted: August 13, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, Horror Stories and Novels, Zombies
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Me and my better half have started doing some work on his novels and stories. I still have one to proof read, and some of it I’ve written but still need proof reading.

I’m also working on twisted book two. Going to work on corrections tomorrow for book one. I’m having a bad pain day today.

My babies due home in just under two hours. I can’t wait to hold him. I love him loads. Okay enough of that.

Planed a few short stories for him to do. I’m also teaching himself a few rules of writing to. I hope he will like what I’ve done. He like the idea of us co-writing as he hasn’t been doing it as long as I have so he is relying on my experience.

Hopefully it will all work out.

Happy writing and stay tuned


  1. Joe says:

    Hey Simone,

    Can’t wait for the stories…if I’m gonna like them I’m guessing they are about meercats I love those things!! I’ve paid for insurance for cars I don’t even have just to get the free toys!! Costing me a fortune on the down side, I’ve had to take up a couple of part time jobs for extra cash so not had time to write my novel I’m working on…Aniaml ghosts!! It’s about the ghosts of animals that terrorise the nation. Imagine the army trying to kill a ghost t-rex…it can’t be done…oh the horror that follows!!

    anyway have to get to work now its my afternoon shift at burger king…do you wants fries with that! LOL!!

    Also congrats on the baby, I had no idea you were pregnant. You wasted no time you minx! i hope you called it joe!

    Speak soon.

    Zombie Joe

    • Simone Young says:

      Hi Joe.

      Omg meercats obsession. My dad works with them, says they are nasty when crossed.

      No baby but trying so may be this time next year. Still sorting out the house n novels.

      Should have two dead boys posted by weekend. I’m working on it tomorrow and the other half has a few short arrows planed got some work done done on his zombie book series.

      If u have anything u want me to look at email it over.

      Thanks for checking in.

      Simone xx

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