Teenage Visions

Posted: September 3, 2012 by Simone Young in Late Night Work, Short Stories
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It looks like you all enjoyed “Two Dead Boys”, and I hope it was amusing and ironic.

I am working on Teenage Visions as I cannot sleep.

Some of you may recall that it was up a while ago and I took it off after feedback that caused me to rethink some elements of the tale.

I have three chapters drafted and I have cranked up some of the key parts of the story.
I will work on it for some time tonight and once it’s typed, which should be later this week I will start the proof reading and work on it.

I am also going to be working on “Twisted Coven” this week and I have started typing up plans but have a large pile of them to type.

Added to that I’m sketching concepts for the husbands various ideas for which I have yet to type up the plans for.

Though I think I should concentrate of “Twisted Coven” as that is a lot closer to being finished.

I have this plus job applications and a booklet to complete as well as jewellery to make and a home to keep clean while sorting out specialists and dealing with my disability and a chest infection.

At least I have plenty of distractions to take my mind of the pain.

Will post the new tale soon and will try and add some short tales too to keep you entertained.

I may even add my short stories I wrote some time ago.

Stay tuned.


  1. smifffy says:


    It was a warm summers afternoon and Norman was setting down a blue picnic cloth on it he put two glasses, two plates, and two sets of cutlery. It would soon be 1:30pm and Susan would be here with the food and drink.
    This was the second time Norman had made a date for a picnic with Susan. The last one did not go as he planned as Susan had been very busy that day and could not relax as she kept on thinking of work and in the end left.

    Norman was just the typical man about town, Five foot nine, fourteen stone, and short neat brown hair. He wore blue denim jeans and a black tee shirt. Nothing made him stand out.

    1:30pm came and bang on time Susan arrived with the food. Saying hello to Norman she sat down and stated to dish out the food which consisted of coronation Chicken sandwiches, sausage rolls and a small tub of salad.
    Susan was around five feet eight, with long blond hair, Blue eyes, and a very tight purple dress covered her voluptuous figure, showing off every single curve. She was admired by all the men in the village and just about hated by all the women for her looks. Norman and Susan had known each other for years. Ever since their Parents had moved into the same street and seeing as neither of them had siblings they became like sister and brother.

    All was going fine; both were talking and laughing when out of the blue Norman pounced on Susan knocking her off her knees and onto her back. In a panic, Susan started to scream for Norman to get off her but it was to no avail Norman picked up a nearby stone and repeatedly hit her on the side of the head.
    Susan screamed and screamed until one of the blows knocked her unconscious. Norman did not stop until she was dead.

    Norman had seemed to have sat there for at least ten minuets looking at the brain he had in his hand, when he heard a voice. It was telling him to lie down and don’t move. He did as he was told and found himself been handcuffed. It was the Police. He was manhandled into the nearby Police car and taken to the Station.
    It was up to Inspector Blakely to get to the truth about what had happened in the park that afternoon.
    In the cold damp cell, he started to question Norman about the event, asking him if it was all too much for him that afternoon. Seeing Susan dressed as she was. Had it got the better of him and it was a rape that had gone wrong? The reply that came back was something Inspector Blakely did not expect.
    No, I just wanted to see if she had anything on her mind

  2. Joe says:

    I’m confused, you can’t know what’s on a persons mind by opening up the brian?! Norman should have spoken to Susan and asked her to tell him. That’s what my thearapist tells me he should have done. Me thinks Norman had serious issues probably stemming from his mother or childhood. You don’t have any pictures of Susan do you? She sounds hot!

    Zombie Joe.

    • Simone Young says:

      Nige’s tale is a funny one.

      How did you like the “Two Dead Boys” tale? And the zombie twist.

      The hubby is planning a zombie tale. Will fill u in when he’s close to having it done.

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