I have a few things to share with you.

Firstly, ‘Vengeance’ is coming along nicely and it is looking good, though its still a little raw. On top of that I also have another book series running around my head called, ‘Poisoned By Power’ and book one, ‘Spilt Blood’ is completed in hand written format and will type that up once ‘Vengeance’ is typed up. I have started book two on both the ‘Poisoned by Power’ and ‘Second Life’ series are wok in progress though I am a little perplexed on which to try and get published first. ‘Vengeance’ is a tale about a newly created vampire looking for revenge while ‘Spilt Blood’ is about an 18 year old witch who after killing to protect others from a perceived threat moves to a small town and is faced with some one as powerful as her who is using that power in completely the wrong way.

I know I’m being a little sketchy on details but I’m trying my best to try and keep you guessing so that you are surprised when they get published.

I had my online interview a few weeks ago and I have a link to the blog where the interview was posted after the fact. It has extracts of both ‘Red Eyes’ and  ‘Vengeance’ and they answer some really good questions.


CLICK HERE For the interview.

I’m finalising the questions for Nicolette, one of many of my author friends.

I have also been reviewing her work as well as the work of another of my friends, John Tucker and hoping to review a few more books in the near future.

So as you can see, its all happening right now.

Speak to you all soon




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