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Here’s a little flash fiction.

It was after midnight when I finally curled up in my large bed and was snuggled by a freshly washed black and purple comforter. I was shattered from a day of unpacking the piles of boxes in my new flat and as soon as my head hit the pillow, as usual, I was wide awake, my mind constantly running through a todo list and the things I needed to get make this place truly my home.

I sighed and started to get out of the welcoming bed when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement in a shadow near the door to the hall way.

I turned and looked at the black shadow created by the large dress makers doll and saw nothing out of the ordinary, I stood and headed to the door, as I got close to the large doll I glared at it and cautiously watched, frozen in fear, as the shadow of a skinny stick like human form slowly moved towards my large bed.

The black shadow seemed to notice that I could see it and it moved faster and seemed to grow from the stick, skeletal figure I initially saw to a large muscular male form and I walked backwards it wasn’t long before I fell on the bed and crawled to the head board where I curled up in to a ball. My breathing hitched as I panicked as I saw the shadow form became a solid corporeal creature and walked to the foot of the bed.

Frozen I watched as a large mouth formed into an evil grin that exposed sharp, yellowed and uneven teeth.

I sat staring at him from my ball and strangely my fear slowly subsided. I was captivated by him and as I searched the area near his mouth I noticed the silver moonlight streaming through the nearby window caught what looked like a nose and the black moist balls that, I assumed, were his eyes.

I could feel nothing from him, his grin made me curious and even though I should fear him I did but it was overshadowed by my curiosity.

He opened his mouth and instantly every single cell of my body was screaming with fear and my blood was ablaze with adrenalin.

I wanted to jump and run, I wanted to escape, leave and live. I couldn’t, this creature had me where he wanted me. I wanted it to end, now.

I waited, wondering what he wanted to do with me. He seemed to enjoy watching me. Watching me stare at him with fear.

His head moved in a familiar manner as he looked me over. I instantly realised my shorts and tank top hid nothing of my slender, yet curvy, womanly figure.

I gulped loudly in fear. I was panicking, I assumed he wanted to rape me, that was the last thing I wanted. My heart kicked up a gear, beating faster, harder, almost deafeningly loud in my ears.

I lay still, a child again, frozen in fear of the dark as it created menacing looking shadows to scare you. Only this was real, I could smell the sulphur coming from his mouth.

He wasn’t human, he couldn’t be.

Time passed unnoticed, I was blind to it. My attention was completely centred on this creature as I try to identify what he wanted, what he was and why he was here. I couldn’t, I didn’t really want to think about it.

My muscles hurt and my heart couldn’t take much more of the fear.

Suddenly my attacker stopped smirking at me and his mouth opened in to a large inhuman O and a noise travelled through his mouth that make my ears hurt and my soul cry. It sounded as though there were hundreds of different voices coming from inside my attacker.

It hurt, my soul cried and screamed.

I moaned loudly as realised I felt a strange pain that seemed to pulsate within every single cell. I felt a pull coming from deep within me. It hurt, I didn’t know why.

I stayed still, I didn’t move, I felt that there was something, pulling, and something didn’t quite feel right and caused the icy hands of dread grasp my warm beating heart.

I moved slightly so I could look down, checking to make sure there was nothing wrong. What I saw caused my pulse to go into overdrive.

Where my flat toned stomach lay there was a small ball of purple mist that seemed to be attached to me with long tender tendrils. I stared at it. It seemed to be fighting to get back in my body while my attacker seemed to be doing something to pull it towards him, into the well of screaming voices that came from inside of this creature.

It suddenly hit me what the mist was. It was my soul and my attacker was pulling it out of me. He had to be a Soul eater.

I moved my hands to try and push it back into me. It didn’t work.

He pulled stronger. He pulled harder.

An idea suddenly hit my fear filled brain and I concentrated hard as i imagined the mist flowing from my stomach, its purple see through tendril flowing into my body, holding on to me from the inside. The idea was thanks to my best friend who was anew age pagan who has taught me how to do it, she taught me how to see things and make them happen. It was perfect for this, I silently prayed to my self ,hoping it would work.

I watched the tendrils strain as my attacker, my shadow guest, pulled at the part of me that made me who I was away from me. My soul was in a tug of war between me and him. His male demonic strength greatly overpowering my feeble human female strength, I had only my stubborn mind set and a fighting spirit, I hoped they were enough to help me live.

Putting my idea into play I concentrated on the thin tendrils I concentrated hard, harder than I ever had. I watched them become thick, solid and strong as my minds eye envisioned the tendrils wrapping them selves around my spine, my ribs, my hip bones, anchoring themselves.

I silenced my fear, controlled my adrenaline as I stared at my dark visitor. I watched has he tensed every single muscle, his mouth opened further, wider, more teeth, stained yellow.

I continued to concentrate even more and pulled the thin tendrils closer, pulling my essence to its rightful home.

My heart was still raising and every muscle was ridged as I began to feel the tendrils tighten on my spine, ribs and hips, pulling it back inside me.

I heard my masculine visitor growl, a deep rumbling from his testosterone filled gut. I felt the pull, he was pulling harder, but now my mind wouldn’t let my soul would leave my body, now it knew how to stop it.

His growl deepened with annoyance.

Pushing my fear aside I looked at him and concentrating, I pulled my purple mist soul further inside of me as he tried his hardest to gain control.

I could feel my soul, it was inside of me and I know that I needed to do something to keep it there. This time I closed my eyes, keeping my ears alert, aware of where he was, and formed a wall around my body that was built from ten inch thick steel. It was ideal, I locked everything behind the wall, all that made me who I was.

The demonic growl caused my dark brow eyes to fly open. I looked at him, his black eyes were now blood red, steam coming from his blackened skin, red lines showing through. It looked painful. I pulled my legs back to my chest, I still feared him dispute my new strength. He was pissed. He was mad.

I knew the only this battle of will, battle of the sexes, between a slender, curvy, young and wilful woman and a built, powerful, strong, demonic man, was to end was for one or both of us to die.

It would end painfully for one of us. I knew what I had to do but the specifics evaded me. I thought hard while staring hard at my unwanted guest. I now know that what I thought was new age crap actually worked, and I wondered what I could do with it.

Another idea hit me, two life saving ideas during one of the most frightening night of my life, I embraced it, I evilly wondered, what would happen if I electrocuted the steel wall, of sorts, that was shielding me from this menacing fear-inducing creature that wanted my soul.

I switched on the switch I created in my minds eye, I heard the room buzz, as though there was free electricity within the room. I stared at my attacker who was convulsing. An evil grin spread on my face when the large shadow creature convulsed so hard he fell, hard, on his ass. I stifled a giggle. I slowly, cautiously, crawled to the bottom of the bed as the black creature it the floor, convulsing in the same way a serial killer reacts on the electric chair.

I lowered the electric field. I looked intently at the black creature lay motionless. I was about to get off the bed to check him I jerked back quickly. He was not longer a solid creature. He turned from 3d to 2d within a fraction of a second. I then watched as the 2d figure of turned into black and red dust and was picked up by a breeze from the open window. I smiled.

My room was filled with a see of coloured mist balls. A sea of souls. I smiled as I watched the souls float out of the window.

I had Won.

I had defeated the shadow creature.

I had killed a soul eater.

I challenged a man and won. Yeah, he was a demon but I won.

Who knew, this new age stuff really works.

Let me know what you think.


Hello guys,

I’ve been rather absent of late, I have several reasons, I have been reading Shattered Souls, Planning the Spilt Blood series and typing up Vengeance, so rather busy.

Lucky for me I managed to finish the proof reading before I started with tendonitis on my right (writing) hand.

Another spot of luck is my mums over and is having to help with cooking etc.

Hopefully the tendonitis goes soon so I can write and get some writing.

Waiting for guest to come over while watching TV.

Will check in ina few days.

Happy writing


Hello Readers

Hope your all doing okay and your Monday isn’t to bad. I hate Mondays too, worse day off the week.

So, I’m finalising the questions for fellow author Nicolette Grey in my up coming interview, I am also in the process of finalising several works and various other works in progress, though I’m torn on what to concentrate on Poisoned By Power series or Second Life, worried that Second Lifes historical beginnings might put people off, please let me know your thoughts.

Hope to share to good new with you soon.

Happy writing