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Hello horror fans

During a visit to my mother in law’s I found one of my old note books with some chilling tales in, I’m going to type some of thrm up and post them.

I have a lot to do withbthem as they are first drafts so bare with me and I’ll get them up as soon as I can.

Being a dyslexic writer is hard work and I am lucky that I have a long list of people who are willing to help me though I don’t get them read through blog posts for me.vthat would be unfair. I do and have always and still welcome contructive criticism. I love writing and its how I manage my pain levels and try to distract myself from it, that and my brain creates tjese tales and it doesnt like shutting down.

What are you all writing, please feel free to share or send them over. I would love to have a read.

Keep writing



So, a lot going on in my over active brain, Shattered Souls edits are what’s keeping me busy, I have also started the notes on Poisoned by Power book three.

I’ve had another idea titled revolution. It’s in it’s infancy, very early stages.

I also have been looking into others that are dyslexic and found that infamous writer Agatha Christie also had the learning disability that plagues so many people.

My dyslexia shows when I miss part of sentence as my brain is always two sentence’s ahead and spelling some words wrong. Some days are worse than others and it also plagues my short term memory is shot so if an idea hits me I instantly write it down.

If you want to look further into this disability please head to

And to get more info.

Happy writing


Working Hard

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So, talk about busy. I’ve been doing edits for one book, keeping a log and basic intonation on new ideas and trying to get Poisoned By Blood notes in order.

The family I belong to is also having a lot of good news with Masters Graduation, passing exams and clothes lines.

Loads going on.

Happy Writing