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Hello readers

I have the cover for my book with the release date of March 1st.


I’m also wanting to share the tale of how I became a part of the publishing company I am.

Around 18 months ago a writer friend who owned her own publishing company asked me to send in a tale for an anthology to be printed for October 2012. I did and the piece was puslished as a standalone and was on sale for four weeks and all proceeds were donated to charity. Only days before the release I found out the owner of Vamptasy was married to my cousin.

Vamptasy Publishing was sold to an American buisness woman, the pervious owner still works for the company as a writer and design’s covers.

Last year, I submitted Shattered Souls for a different anthology but it was too long and not ideal for the anthology however the head of the company agreed to publish it.

I feel honoured to be a part of the company and I am proud of all the authors who are a part of the same company. It truely is a blessing.

I have various projects on going and I am keeping myself busy.

Stay tuned to learn more about the release.

Happy writing