Hello guys

A common question asked to all author gets ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ And is sometimes worded as ‘what is your muse?’
With over 100 novel ideas I would be happy if my muse would takes a sabbatical and gave me some peace and quiet but alas it will not.
My muse can be anything and at sometimes is completely random. Once I got and idea on the drive to Shropshire to visit some of the hubbies family. Another was walking through one Yorks many things that apart my mind to create ideas within my twisted mind.
The first major novel I started work on was triggered five and a half years ago by watching Gothika. It’s titled ‘Twisted Coven’ and is book one of the ‘White Witch Saga’. It’s a multilayered suspense thriller/horror and I hope one day to have it ready to share burst the moment my mind and time has been taken over by another multiparty book series.
My muse and over active brain keeps me awake at night. It’s harder to switch it off. I love writing I would back off just a little. I am so excited to share the multipart book series with you when it’s ready. It’s titled ‘Poisoned By Blood’ series ‘Spilt Blood’ is the title for book one and one day I’ll return to ‘Twisted Coven’ and share it with you.

What’s your muse?
Where do you get your ideas from?
Did you always want to be a writer?

Stay tuned and happy writing


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