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I mentioned in my last post a book, anthology compiled by several different and talented author titled ‘Bloody Sexy’.

I read the book in a matter of days and here’s my review.

A new release from Vamptasy Publishing is Bloody Sexy, a compilation of short sexy sultry stories with twists that will keep you reading. The poetry excelled and worked with the overall concept of the anthology.
I enjoyed the fact that the tales began with the thought that it was about one thing and the twists turn it into some you’re not expecting and it goes in a different direction.
The quality of the writing was excellent making the reading the words easy and enjoyable. Nothing was over written or overly complex ensuring entertainment without losing your place.
The book is filled with adult content and involves sexual lust with other situations that only serve to enhance the readers experience.
I recommend the book for all those over eighteen.

It’s a steal at the price of 99c (USA) or 77p (UK).

Click here to get your copy.

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Enjoy the book.


Hello Readers,

So while I’ve been busy with “Spilt Blood” my good friend Carmilla Voiez has bee putting together some tales for you to check out. “Bloody Sexy” is released on Friday and I’ll be reviewing it for her but here’s what I can share with you.

First a run down on what it is and a small exert from one of the stories.

The book is for 18+ readers only and delves into many aspects of human (and demonic) sexuality. It is not for the sheepish or easily offended.

Demons, zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and murder are just some of the characters and plots you will find within these pages and the erotica is full on – hot, hot, hot!

The anthology will be released for sale at only 99c or 77p. This is an introductory price so hurry, don’t wait. Why would you want to wait?

Excerpt –

From Sex Magic, by Carmilla Voiez –

I knew I was in trouble when she strode across the room towards me, her hair pulled back into a ponytail so tight that it seemed to stretch her almond-shaped eyes even wider. I tried to look busy, picked up the phone and put it back down again with a grimace as she landed heavily in the chair on the other side of the desk and pouted. As her legs crossed one way then the other I saw a flash of stocking-tops. Keep calm, I told myself, don’t get flustered again. You’re a professional.
“Lily.” Her voice was like a warm sunset, as the purple sky above and the crimson light below met and melted into each other.
I nodded, swallowing hard.
“I need you.”
My flesh tingled and I couldn’t believe my ears. “You…”
“Bloody Hera has fucked off sick again and two important clients are coming at eight.”
My stomach crashed to the floor, of course, she needed me to work late, that was all. I was a fool to think she needed anything else. She would be able to get everything she needed and more. Her clothes screamed wealth while her polished fingernails, glossy mouth and impossibly high stiletto heels promised a wild hunger that could not be tamed; this was a woman who was never left unsatisfied.
I blushed. “I don’t…”
“You’re just meeting and greeting. Bring them into the executive suite then wait outside. You can do that, can’t you?”
I gulped and my eyelids felt heavy. I nodded mechanically. I could do that, yes, but I could do so much more if she let me.
“Get yourself something to eat and come back at seven.”
“What should I wear?”
She glared at me and I felt my body tighten under the weight of her stare.
She shook her head. “That, nothing, who gives a shit? You’ll be wearing a robe over the top of it anyway and they aren’t here for you…”
They would be here for her. I understood. I had known since a week after I started how Robin earned her living. If the furtive voices at the other end of the telephone line hadn’t been evidence enough I had peeked into the executive suite once before. She had left the door ajar, probably thinking she was alone in the office and I couldn’t resist. What I had seen still made me shiver. It wasn’t simply terrifying, it was the promise of something greater, something so potent that it would raise a person out of their humdrum life and transform them, although into what I wasn’t quite sure.
“Seven,” I repeated, nodding.
“Well hurry up then,” she growled.
I grabbed my handbag and scurried away.

All of my regular readers will know plenty About Carmilla with previous release information and the interview I did with her not long ago. So here is a few author bio’s of the others involved.

Charlotte Ondac
A writer with a loving partner and two children. Heavily inspired by writers such as Anne Rice, particularly The Vampire Chronicles, interested by dark Gothic horror. Especially focused on the mythology of vampires, and the erotic nature of these beings. Lives in Wales, working in education. A practicing pagan, Charlotte Ondac has a deep interest in ancient mythology, and wishes to explore how these ancient mythologies could affect our current world, and our views of humanity. Wishes to explore more into the dark eroticism of vampires, and other strange creatures.

M Jet
M Jet is wild, wicked, and free. She proudly possesses a roaming Gypsy spirit, having gone many places, learned, experienced, and done many things. Of M Jet, people often say she has a special darkness that draws a person in despite her attempts to turn them away. M Jet employs magical thinking. The mysterious Ms. Jet is a lover of all things dark, sad, sometimes sexy. Some of her previously published works include, “Mojo”, “I Killed Collette”, “High on Her”, and “Death Wind.” M Jet’s first full length novel will be released by CHBB and is a story called, “Mary Contrary,” that is inspired by actual events.

So check out “Bloody Sexy” and remember that us authors learn from reviews if our work.

Hope you had a brilliant bank holiday weekend.

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Hello friends,

This morning I teased that I had some news to share with you. I can now reveal that I have had my second book signed with my publisher. It is titled Spilt Blood and is set for publication in December ready for Christmas. I am still working non edits and preparation for it to head over to my beta readers.

I’ll keep you all up to date. It is one of a series titled ‘Poisoned By Blood’ and I am looking forward to seeing how it is received, and I will soon crack on with the sequel. I am so excited and happy. I have several works to share on here once they are ready and tease you with books from some of my author friends.

Hope your all doing well and have a brilliant summer.

Happy Writing


Hello friends,

This is a short post in preparation for a bigger one later today.

I have some news to share, which is the topic of the larger post, and i am currently getting prepared for several events including baking birthday cakes, Dr Who cookies, short stories and more.

My stationary obsession is being feed by the back to school stationary sales on in almost every shop I go to. Its torture and I give in way too much but being a writer means it will all come in useful.

I love writing, I live reading and I still struggle to believe that I have a book on sale. Its an easy read, short novel with twists and turns. I love the review my fellow Vamptasy writer gave me. Its a little further down. She’s an award winning author and she loved my book and was instrumental in getting it where it is. Click below to get your copy.
Shatered Souls Amazon

So stay tuned for my excellent news later today.

Happy writing