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Hello Guys

Hope all is well. I have been working hard on Spilt blood and the stuff for the Halloween event hosted by my fellow authors at Vamptasy and CHBB. I am enjoying working hard and I’m promoting Shattered Souls in online groups with a hand full of posters. Here’s a taste.

shattered souls promo poster shattered souls poster 4

I love them, I’ve done a few for the release of Spilt Blood but will release them on Halloween Night along with a little something extra. I have been looking forward to this release, I love the book and while there is a love story within it there is a lot of scary an paranormal things within and as the series continues things get sexier and darker.

I am also very humbled to have you all reading this and interacting. I’m hoping to do a blog only give away when the book release, I’m not sure of the give away yet but I’m looking forward to you all reading my new release.

Stay tuned for more teaser

Happy Writing


Up coming events.

Posted: October 9, 2014 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works


Been a busy few weeks with a ton of appointments and work ongoing. I’ve been busy with getting things ready for the CHBB and Vamptasy Halloween event. Ive done several pictures, adapting some rather spooky pictures that I’ll be sharing along with four poems. Ive finiahed another round of edits for Spilt Blood and I’ll be sharing a few things on here on halloween night.

I’m also working on a few submissions for anthologies, cross fingers I’ll get them done in time. Busy busy bee is me.

I love my writing and I enjoy every part of it. I have a brilliant support network with friends and family that help me a lot and my husband needs a medal for putting up with me sometimes I’m a bitch to live with.

I’m really looking forward to revealing what I have on Halloween might.

Happy writing