Hello Readers

Hope my American readers had an good Thanksgiving. The UK has been taken over by the Black Friday bug and I tell you some of our Brits have showed up the rest of the country up with their violent pursue of unheard of pre Christmas price reductions for a mere four days. Some of the video’s of YouTube are sickening,

Click Here to see the video of shoppers in Tesco arguing over price reduced TV’s.

So I am currently working on several projects, I am trying to meld my Loom Band obsession with book related merchandise and I am also working on Spilt Bloods sequel, Dirty Little Secret.

I will reveal something, all books that are a part of the Poisoned By Blood have at least one addition chapter, or rather they are shorts of other peoples point of view on given events. Book one is the only exception as the short is told from the main character’s point of view of an important event that happened before the beginning of the first book but it is mentioned and discussed within it.

I will post a little teaser during the week.

I’ll leave you with those teasers but stay tuned for more.

Happy Writing



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